Fudgelet and Chiplet Adventures (part 9): Welcome to 2021, Goodbye 2020

To welcome in the new year, I wanted to share some pictures from our end of 2020. Obviously so many of us are ready to be done with many things from last year, but I know that most of the bad stuff isn’t going to end with the calendar. If only it could work that way. I wish that we had set dates to know when some stuff will get better, when we will be able to see our families again, etc. Even though there are some bad things, there were some good moments for us.

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Fudgelet and Chiplet Adventures (part 8): Fall During a Pandemic

I’ve mentioned how we have been trying to keep certain things the same for the kids as we celebrate holidays. Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to find workarounds, but we have managed so far this year. With Fall and Halloween activities, normally I plan lots of crafts, as well as a visit to the pumpkin patch (does anyone else feel huge relief after that trip? I always worry each year that we won’t be able to find a reasonably dry day, and this year we needed to worry about avoiding people), and of course trick or treating. What have we managed to do this year? Continue reading…

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Chiplet Adventures (part 21): Letters E and Z

Continuing the alphabet train here with two more letters: E and Z!

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Chiplet Adventures (part 19): Letter Q

Here we are, back with a new letter. It’s funny what the Chiplet chooses to pick versus the Fudgelet. The Fudgelet didn’t have a clue what “queen” or “king” is at this age, but the Chiplet has an idea from reading different books. We had fun making these letters.


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Chiplet Adventures (part 19): Letters U and Y

In the interest of catching up a bit, today I am combining two of the letters we did…U and Y. Again, nothing fancy today. The fanciest is using a hole puncher for one of the Y crafts.

Let’s start with Y is for…

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Chiplet Adventures (part 18): Letter V Week

We need to speed through these letter posts! I also need to doublecheck which ones I haven’t shared on here, yet. I might start doubling up if there are a bunch left. It’s hard since we went out of order. This week I have letter V to share. It was pretty simple since he now knows the word vehicles and already knew about volcanoes (benefits of having an older sibling).

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Chiplet Adventures (part 17): Letter K Week

Still keeping it mostly simple with the letters…I am losing track a bit on which ones I have shared here, so I might need to go back and check. But, today I bring K!

Of course we had to do kangaroo! Complete with a joey in a pouch.

Then, for the little uppercase K we did Kite. Just to drive it home further, we have little Ks as ribbons on the kite string.

He still loves doing all of the crafts.