Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

I titled this Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, but really we made all sorts of shapes, which is most of the fun! (Another large part of the fun is eating them, obviously.)

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Chocolate Bundt Cake

Here I go sharing a recipe from many months ago. But, thankfully, you can make this cake at any point in the year. The Chiplet was just over a week old and we were celebrating Thanksgiving as a family of 4. The Fudgelet helped me make this cake while K helped take care of the Chiplet. I try to soak up my mom/toddler time since it is difficult when the baby wants to take his fair share of time, too. There were some pictures of the process that I took, but K also took some pictures of us baking. There were some cute ones of the two of us but it’s funny seeing myself with a belly that looked about 6 months pregnant. I know I was super tired too, so I’m not sure how I made a cake, but I did!

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Fudgelet Adventures (part 12): Baking Misses

Often I have the Fudgelet help me make food that I’ve made before so that I know easy ways he can help. But, I also love making new recipes, so sometimes we end up with some misses (or at least recipes I wouldn’t make again). Below we have some of these to share. Let’s start with something that was easy for the Fudgelet to make (he did most of the work) but wasn’t my favorite brownie recipe.

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