Bread in a Bag

I’ve been following lots of people on Instagram. Some for beauty and makeup, some for cooking, some for mom/kid ideas…and one of my favorites is @BusyToddler. She has great ideas that are interesting and simple. Today’s activity/recipe comes from her.

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Fudgelet Adventures (part 17): Homemade Car Garage and colors

I made a car garage for the Fudgelet at some point…I think last year? I honestly can’t remember. I don’t think I documented it because I didn’t think it would turn out. It was a bit challenging because I didn’t have a hot glue gun (thanks Dad and M for my Christmas present!) but it ended up looking decent and the Fudgelet still plays with it. Well, fast forward to some point after the Chiplet was born. The ramp broke because he was a little too rough for it and the tape couldn’t hold it any longer. I realized I could fix it with my new hot glue gun. And then I decided to attempt to make a new one for him.

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Fudgelet Adventures (part 15): More simple crafts

Are you tired of seeing crafts and toddler activities? Hopefully not. If so, see you next blog post! If not, then welcome back! We made a bunch of crafts and did different activities to help break up the winter days when we were stuck home for various reasons (cold/yucky weather, napping Chiplet, friends being sick, etc.). Here are two that were very simple. The first is because the Fudgelet said he wanted to make an alligator craft. We went on Pinterest to get some ideas, and combined some to make this…

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Fudgelet Adventures (part 14): Pom Poms and Fizzing Colors

Today I have some more activities. One is more involved than the others. Let’s start with the fancier activity that we did multiple times…

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Fudgelet Adventures (part 13): Random Toddler Activities

Today I have some pictures and ideas to share that I have been doing with the Fudgelet over the last few months. Over the next few weeks I have lots of adventures to share, so stay tuned to see more!

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Pumpkin Pie Cloud Dough and Zucchini

Are you confused? Well, I came across this activity for making apple pie cloud dough which sounded neat, but I didn’t have apple pie spice on hand. What I did have was pumpkin pie spice.

So, I decided to make a smaller batch with pumpkin pie spice, and then it inspired me to cook zucchini with it for dinner. Both turned out great, so keep reading for both!

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Fudgelet Adventures (part 5): Lowercase Letters MNOPQRS

And here with are with another batch of lowercase letters to enjoy. As you can see, I stopped taking as many progress pictures…and often forgot to take pictures each day of the letters. So, some are group shots. Buying the googly eyes was a great investment. As you can see, eyes were added to just about everything. Easy for mom, fun for son.


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