Toasted Coconut Ice Cream

For our friend Lisa’s birthday, K and I decided to have a personalized ice cream for her. She loves coconut, so I decided to make a straight coconut ice cream. I thought about adding some chocolate chips (white or semi-sweet chocolate), but ultimately decided to keep it simple. If she wants it next time, I can do that. This recipe has loads of coconut flavor. If you are not a big fan, I wouldn’t bother with this recipe. It starts with a vanilla base, but I use some coconut milk to help get the flavor started. Then, steeping coconut in it really brings the flavor home.



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Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream Sandwiches

All I wanted was a s’more spin-off sandwich. I left off the chocolate (you can add in a piece of a chocolate bar on your sandwich, or use some chocolate syrup) to better taste the marshmallow flavor. Well, the stove and I had a disagreement but afterwards I had a super yummy new flavor. Oh, and yes, those are homemade graham crackers (super yummy!).

This recipe was full of woe, and it all centered around the toasted marshmallows. I am here to help you get through it as well. To be honest, it is a pretty simple task once you learn a few rules. These pretty marshmallows taste good but became super dangerous just a minute later.

Good toasted marshmallows that turned bad…

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