Topic-Changing Thursdays: Visits from Loved Ones

There are pros and cons to being pregnant. One of them is slightly more comfortable clothing. I am not a fan of having to buy a whole bunch of new clothes, but I am trying to find some joy in mixing up my look a bit. There was also some luck because a coworker of my husband’s gifted me a bunch of clothes in my size since she didn’t need them anymore. To add to the luck, she is waaaay more fashionable than I am, so I feel cool in my new looks.



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Topic-Changing Thursdays: Life-Changing Moments

Since November, there has been lots of behind-the-scenes stuff going on. You may have noticed fewer desserts on here, or fewer comments from me on your blog. There is a good reason for this, and I hope to be doing better with that stuff soon! I don’t want to go into all of the crazy little details, but if you want to read a little bit about me (and not very much about food) then continue on. If you aren’t continuing, then tune in next week for more normal Fudging Ahead moments. ūüôā


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Topic-Changing Thursdays: Happy Halloween!

No recipes today, just a little Halloween spirit. Or spirits. Like ghosts and things. What are your thoughts on ghosts? I’ve never seen one. I think I’m more of a “spirit” believer. I think sometimes our loved ones hang around a bit longer, or make appearances in random memories or dreams. But, I am also a gullible sort and willing to be more open to strange ideas. If you’re looking for Halloween recipe ideas, feel free to check out my other posts this week


This past weekend we hosted a pumpkin carving party. Last year we didn’t carve pumpkins. I can’t remember why…I know we were gone for some of the weekends, so maybe time just got away from us? Our old home never had trick-or-treaters, so we’re hoping for a good batch here. We bought lots of candy! Either way, I can always sacrifice myself to the leftover candy. I made sure to pick out candy I enjoy eating. Mwahaha.

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Topic-Changing Thursdays: San Diego

This is a special week, which is part of the reason you had a Tips-y Tuesday post and why you are getting a Topic-Changing post today. If you are interested in why this is a special week, you could get some hints by checking out some of these posts. My part of the job starts today, so I am a bit busy. The big deal is this weekend, and I will report back on Monday! Although I might be a bit distracted because I will be flying home that day.



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Topic-Changing-Thursdays: Snacking

You might have noticed that this has been a funny week of posting. Well, we are going away for an extended weekend to visit a friend (one I haven’t seen since our wedding!) and I decided to make this week special for my vacation week. So, you had a tips-y Tuesday post¬†and now a Topic-Changing-Thursday post!

One of the best parts of M&M cookies is eating the leftover M&Ms.

One of the best parts of M&M cookies is eating the leftover M&Ms.

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Topic-Changing-Thursdays It’s Been 1 Year!?

If you’re like me, you sometimes have trouble keeping track of time. They say that the older you get, the faster time seems to go. I definitely have times when life feels like it is flying by. K and I had plans for our first couple years of marriage, and it’s crazy that we’re already coming up on 2 years!! We need to work on our list a bit more, I guess. Hehe.

In more blog-worthy news, today is the day that I started blogging. Well, one year ago today, that is. I thought about sharing some super awesome recipe today, but I had no idea what could properly commemorate the occasion, so I decided to do what many others do, and reward the readers!

As promised, you will get to enter for a prize today!

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