Topic-Changing-Thursdays: What Can’t You Eat?

There is not much that I cannot eat. There is definitely stuff that I do not want to eat, but that’s different. Sometimes it is hard to tell with people if they are just avoiding a food because they don’t care for it, or if it bothers them. And if it bothers them, how bad is it? There are some people I know who can’t eat green peppers, for example, without getting heartburn…not mentioning names, but this day also happens to be my mom’s birthday (hello up there, Mom!) hehe. So, my mom could eat the green peppers, but might not feel super awesome afterwards.


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Topic-Changing-Thursdays: Happy Holidays!

In between two apple posts, here is a topic changer! I wanted to post about my trip back home and holiday activities to date. How is your holiday season going? After arriving back in Maryland just over a week ago, I am finally adjusted to the time zone. It was time to get ready for traditions, family, and food!


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Topic Changing Thursday: I’m a Winner!

A post on a Thursday!?! (Not necessarily a new series starting up, but this will be my category for days I need to post something not quite on topic with the regular blog posts.)



Good blogs are supposed to have a singular focus to help gather an audience. I guess this is true for the most part, but there are definitely blogs I started following for one reason and am perfectly happy if the reasons change. Sometimes a recipe could draw me in, but often it’s the personality. Whatever the person talks about, if they have a good personality, I am probably hooked. I know that I was hooked initially on Joanna of Midwestern Bite’s blog because of Foodie Penpals. She does a Chopped challenge every month for herself. She threw in humor, along with some clever food ideas, and I loved every bit. The next month I was awaiting her challenge and was excited to see what she received. At some point I started reading other posts of hers and became a fan. She has a great sense of humor with a nice family.


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