Super Simple Chicken Teriyaki

Let me preface this by saying that this chicken is quite salty. Even K said that, but he wasn’t complaining since he loves all things salty. That was even without adding more of the sauce to it to baste the chicken, since I didn’t find it necessary. I think I would reduce the amount of soy sauce next time, just to see. However, it produced super tender chicken with great flavor and all of us were fans.

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Chicken Teriyaki

Sometimes I bookmark recipes and forget about them. This was one of those. You scroll past “chicken teriyaki” thinking, well, I’ve already made versions of that before so why would I make a different one? But I decided to click on it anyway and sure enough, it needed to be made. It was both simple, and slightly different since you cook the sauce and meat separately. It isn’t the usual method but I decided to see how it would work. We ended up loving the sauce. K said he wanted it on everything. It was sweet without being too sweet, and it had a bit of salt to it, but nothing too crazy. When I used beef teriyaki sauce on chicken it seemed too strong. This sauce is perfect for chicken!

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Guest Cooks: Teriyaki Chicken

About two months ago, when my dad and M were visiting to help us with the Fudgelet, they made us lots of meals. They had certain dishes they felt comfortable making, and then they decided to branch out and try some new things. I actually am proud of them for expanding their horizons when they visit us. We’ve gotten them to try a few new places they wouldn’t have even considered previously (and they really liked them!), and also some new food. Because we couldn’t easily go out with the baby, most of the experimenting this time was with recipes.


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Beef Teriyaki

K and I used to get teriyaki out a lot. There is something addictive in the salty sauce they use, and it’s fun to have the side dishes, too. If I had one of those carryout containers to serve this in, I would have done it! As it was, I made do with our fresh sugar snap peas and corn, along with the ubiquitous rice. I like being able to control what goes in my food, so this helped make teriyaki a home-cooked meal. Next time we are going to try the same sauce with chicken thighs. K thinks it might be even better since beef almost doesn’t need a sauce.


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Teriyaki Marinated Salmon with Quinoa

Is it okay to do another salmon recipe? Hopefully it hasn’t felt too soon for you. Basically, I can’t resist a good salmon recipe, especially when Costco is still carrying the beautiful Copper River kind. Seriously, if you love salmon and can find that variety near you, snatch it up! It is so delicious and such a nice summer food.

Ah yes, summer! It has finally started to hit here in Seattle. This weekend had advisory notices from the weather people because our temperatures were in the 80s, near 90. That might not seem too crazy to everyone else, but it’s warm for here, especially lacking air conditioning. There were also lots of events going on, so I did not want a dish that would take a lot of cooking time.

Mix up the marinade, pour on the fish, go off and have a little fun, then return for a short bake in the oven and time to make some sides.

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