Hot Milk Cake with Chocolate Chips and Vanilla Frosting

This cake is great on days when you want to eat or make a cake, but you don’t want anything too fussy. You could probably make it without frosting, but really, the frosting made the cake that much more awesome. Luckily I had some leftover frosting, so I didn’t even need to make it fresh that day. If you so desired, you could even use a store-bought frosting. I won’t tell.



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Mocha Cupcakes

I am still trying to decide if these were a success or not. When I took them to work, 4 out of 5 people loved them, the fifth person being a student. So, it is possible that these are “grown-up” cupcakes with their strong coffee flavor. In fact, her least favorite part was the frosting which my husband thought was the best part, so maybe it’s a tastebud thing? I only had one whole cupcake and I think it is a decent chocolate cupcake. Maybe not my absolute favorite one ever, but I think my feelings were affected by the one bad review. The frosting is definitely awesome, which is why I decided to go ahead and share this anyway. If you like a cake-y cupcake, I think you will like the cupcake part. They are not as sweet or fluffy as some store ones, which might also have been why they are not as kid-friendly. I made these for National Chocolate Cupcake day which was a little bit ago (posts are back-logged here). Save this for next year, or make them if you are having a chocolate/coffee craving.

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