Tartine’s Chocolate Soufflé Cake

Five ingredients in this cake. That’s all. There are a bunch of eggs, but you use all parts, so you aren’t left with random yolks or whites leftover. And, this has no flour if you have people who can’t handle it. To me, no flour just means more chocolate flavor. And there is also a lot of chocolate. So, this isn’t the cheapest cake with all of the chocolate and eggs, but it will feed many and make the many happy.

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Berry Clafoutis (Baked Custard)

If you were keeping track of our blueberries and what we were doing with them, you might have thought we had used most of them and that blueberry recipes were finished. Or, that we wouldn’t have possibly bought more berries at a farmer’s market because they were a great price, especially for organic ones, and they looked sooooo good….or maybe you can believe it? I get a bit obsessed with berries in the summer. We have so many varieties out here in the Seattle area, and they seem to have such a long season here. I love it! K also loves it because he loves berry treats for his birthday desserts, and I try to find new ways of giving him these treats.


The Tartine cookbook has been great for getting me to branch out with treats I never would have thought to make before. This recipe is another extension for me. K loves flan desserts because he grew up with his mom making numerous versions with canned fruit, plain, and so on. Then, of course, there is the classic egg tart in Chinese cooking. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday this year, and he wasn’t super interested in anything except that he didn’t want cake. So, I followed his wishes (except to make a small personal ice cream cake for him) and made this baked custard.


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Almond and Citrus Tea Cake

This was a celebration cake, as I announced on Twitter, because there was some good news found out the day before I made this! Now, you might have figured out what it was, but because I am superstitious, I am not announcing it just yet…soon, though. Really soon. In the meantime, you should find your occasion to celebrate and make this cake. I had wanted to make it for a while because it looked so elegant. I added raspberries and a few other special touches to make it even more awesome. You can likewise jazz it up. One easy add-in is vanilla sugar for the granulated sugar. It adds pretty vanilla beans throughout the cake, which just enhances all of the flavor in this super moist cake.



Vanilla sugar with regular sugar

Vanilla sugar with regular sugar

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Strawberry Cream Pie with Chocolate

I was on the fence about making a pie for pi day, even though I did three posts for it last year. This week I have made a bunch of desserts (all of which need to still be written about), so did I really need to make a pie? I considered a couple options, then turned to my Tartine cookbook. They have a banana cream pie which sounds good except for the banana part (I don’t like bananas in my desserts). I made a few switches, like using strawberries instead of the bananas, and I also omitted the caramel and whipped cream (I did not think it was necessary).



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Mushroom Tart with Bonus Egg Tarts

If you ask K for his “Favorite Foods” List, he would tell you potato chips, eggs, pancakes, steak, and fries. So in his mind, I have only included one of those in this recipe. But, mushrooms definitely belong on that list for him. He loves it anytime I find a reason to throw in some mushrooms. I could probably find a way to add them to pancakes and he would be happy. Do you have a favorite food list that might not include certain foods that you secretly love? I am not sure what I would put on my list, especially if we are talking savory dishes. Probably chicken because I tend to be a woman of simple tastes.





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Deluxe Chocolate-Chocolate Cookies

We have some really great friends, and one of the best ways I can repay them for their kind gestures is by baking them something yummy. I had just gotten to a chocolate cookie recipe in my Tartine cookbook, which I thought our friend Michael would like. He is so good when we visit Maryland; he checks our mail, takes us/picks us up from the airport if we need it, and so on. He also drives K to work, since K and I share a car. It’s nice having such a good neighbor, so he definitely deserved these cookies. I made a couple small changes, but I did not want to mess with the brownie consistency of these cookies. They stay soft for quite a while.


The recipe did not call for any kind of chocolate chips, which I found horrifying. I love chocolate cookies with some sort of texture. Since the cookies were going to be super dark, I knew that white chocolate chips would go well: nice pockets of creamy sweetness. On a few of the cookies, I went bold and added some salt on top. It ended up working really well. You can leave it out, just like you could leave out the chocolate chips, but maybe you can try it on at least one cookie. Go on, be bold.

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Tartine’s Shortbread

I had been wanting to make shortbread for a while. The ingredients list is short and the recipes are relatively simple, but the flavor is so yummy. Previously, most of my experience with shortbread cookies has been with store-bought ones that aren’t very fresh. Still good, but homemade was super delicate and rich. An ingredient I was not expecting to use is cornstarch, and quite a bit of it. So, be prepared for that. Apparently the cornstarch is what makes the texture so fluffy and crumbly. Traditionally, you just use sugar, butter, and flour, but I would still say you should try this recipe because it was really good. Next time I might try to mix in some other flavors, like vanilla extract or something else. The flavor of the shortbread is subtle, so if you eat it with other desserts, you can pair it with similarly light flavors. We ate it with buttermilk ice cream and enjoyed both mild flavors together.




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