Halloween Party Activities Plus Sous Vide Dulce de Leche

We hosted a party to get together with a group of our friends we hadn’t seen for awhile. It was a bit last minute (one week’s notice) but we managed to still have some fun activities for all of the kids (age range of 6 months to 13 years) and adults.

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Milk and Cookies Cupcakes

Sometimes I look at recipes and get excited for different reasons. Sometimes I get momentarily excited and then disappointed. Like the time I had bought extra large eggs to use in an Ina Garten recipe and realized I could make one of her cakes…only to see that she used an entire can of Hershey’s syrup in it (I didn’t even know it came in a can?). This recipe was both interesting and exciting from the pictures, but as I started to think of ways I could make it okay for the Chiplet, well. Yeah, I couldn’t. So, look at this as a great recipe that I will likely never make again unless he outgrows his dairy allergy. Oh well. Make it yourself and enjoy it.

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Two Layer Cookies and Cream Chocolate Fudge

Do you know what helped get K interested in seeing me again after we started talking, but before we started dating? Discussion of how I make the best fudge in the world. It’s why I named my blog FudgingAhead. Now, I’m not saying I am really so awesome. I am saying that this recipe is awesome. There might be better tasting fudge out there. I doubt it, but it is possible. But, I doubt there is easier fudge that tastes as amazing as this. I’ve shared my recipe for fudge before, but this time I’ve switched it up a bit. I’ve made it into two layers, and changed the base chocolate layer a bit. I would say I’ve improved it. The top layer is another fudge recipe I used to make for my Oreo fan, but it is a bit on the sweet side. I like this two layer version because you get the sweetness tempered by a dark chocolate base.


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No-Churn Ice Cream: Chocolate and Coffee Versions!

So, I finally got around to making no-churn ice cream. I haven’t had much time for making dessert recently, but we also haven’t needed much since we’re still getting through cake, toffee, cookies, and other treats. We really haven’t needed ice cream since we have had an endless cycle of: the grocery store gives me a coupon for ice cream, I use the coupon…they give me another coupon, we get more ice cream….blah blah blah. Buuuut, it was near the end of summer and we were already getting some dark, rainy days. I wanted to get my last summer feelings by making this. And yes, I am sharing this a couple weeks later, so maybe you’re not in the mood. But maybe you are? Maybe you miss summer? Or maybe you’re excited that you don’t need to touch a frozen ice cream churner bowl to make ice cream? That was exciting for me. I also liked that it is no-cook, so I could make it while the Fudgelet played, and it didn’t require constant monitoring.


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