Light and Healthy Vegetable Stuffed Shells

I pulled this recipe from a magazine…kind of. K wanted some lasagna, but it is the middle of summer, so I needed some lasagna that would work well for this time of year. This recipe is creamy, but not heavy, flavorful, but not overwhelming. It also reheated well for future dinners. Originally, the recipe was supposed to be for lasagna and the ingredients were a little different. I worked with what I had and I think I like mine even better than theirs looked. Instead of tomato sauce, feel free to use tomatoes, but I prefer the sauce because it will not get watery. The sauce is really nice and it is hard to believe that there is not any cream in it. You could potentially hide vegetables from your family with this, but I preferred telling K and letting him enjoy their taste. We still had more vegetables on the side, because that’s how we roll, but do what you like.



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