Chicken and Zucchini Stir Fry

Let’s start off the year with something easy and customizable. I have been branching out with different stir fry recipes but haven’t been sharing on here because it seemed repetitive. But at the same time, they have been getting slightly modified with changes to perfect them, so it might be nice to document the process.

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Beef and Cauliflower Stir-Fry

This recipe comes from eating a similar dish that my mother-in-law makes. I haven’t asked her for her recipe specifics, but had beef marinating and some cauliflower one night, so I decided to give it a go. Now, I will say that I have played with it a bit and make it different ways but this is the general idea. Sometimes I add chicken broth or at least a bit of chicken bouillon when I add the final bit of cornstarch at the end.

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Chicken and Green Bean Stir Fry

I’m here to share a relatively simple recipe that I’ve been making many iterations of recently. To start, you could change the meat and/or vegetable. You could also change the ingredients and amounts…this is a working recipe you can follow strictly, but it is best if you experiment. Sometimes I need more or less of an ingredient (or cooking time) depending on how everything is cooking.


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Two Vegetables and a Main Chicken

None of these recipes are crazy-involved. We make variations of these regularly. The only reason I took pictures of the green beans and celery are because they were memorably good, and I used some fried shallots my friend Lisa made for me. You don’t need fried shallots for the recipes, but it showed how easily we could throw them into dishes to enjoy their sweetness. Below you will find the recipes for green beans and celery, and also chicken. I did not include step-by-step pictures this time, but hopefully you can still follow along.


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Stir Fried Chicken, Mushrooms, Snow Peas, and Udon Noodles

It is easy for me think of new American or Italian-style dishes to have for dinner because I can just do riffs of things I know. For Asian dishes, I have to put on my creative thinking cap. K and I wanted a new dish to make with udon noodles besides soup. We had bought the frozen ones as recommended by Monica of Playing with Flour which means that we have a stockpile of them to use. This was a combined effort from K and me, and I think it was very successful! The sauce gets absorbed into the noodles perfectly, and K said it is a lot easier to stir fry the udon noodles than rice noodles.


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Beef and Slaw Stir fry

Almost every month we fly home to visit family and I use those long plane flights to go through my many magazines. I will pull out pages I want to keep (recipes, workouts, interesting ideas, etc.) then toss the magazine or leave it for the next bored passenger. The problem with this is that I sometimes put them away when we return and then forget to do anything with them.

This trip was different. I decided to go ahead and make the meals I had pulled when we returned. It worked nicely–I had the recipes with me, so I could easily figure out which ingredients I needed to buy on my home from the airport. This meal was inspired by one of those recipes, but I just used some of the ingredients and then made it my own. We enjoyed that it was healthy, but still tasted yummy.

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