Black Sesame Mochi (Sticky Rice Balls)

A few things inspired me to try this recipe from Lady and Pups. 1) It’s not a chocolate or fruit dessert, so it would be a chance to branch out into something new, 2) I’ve made mochi before, but this was a different style since it was boiled and not steamed, 3) K likes Chinese desserts but I’ve never attempted to make any (other than the aforementioned mochi), and 4) I had tried some black sesame dumplings at our local Din Tai Fung restaurant, thanks to a friend’s recommendation, and knew I liked the flavor. Oh, and 5) The pictures from the blog post made me drool a bit, too.


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Sticky Rice (aka Sweet Rice) with Chinese Sausage and Mushrooms

The second part of Starch Week is a Chinese recipe using sticky (sweet) rice. This can be an entree with the meat, but you could make it vegetarian and use tofu, or even just have it as a side dish. If you have a grocery store with a nice rice section you might be able to find this, but most likely you will have to go to an Asian grocery store. They sell it as sweet or glutinous rice. Basically, it gets super sticky like sushi rice, hence the glutinous title. If you don’t have a rice cooker, you could use the bag or look up directions for cooking it in a saucepan instead.


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