Chick Pea “Soup” with Pasta and Chicken Meatballs

This was made during a stretch of many successes. I had a feeling this soup would not be soup since pasta always tends to soak up all of the liquid. I realized later I misread and was supposed to add another 2 cups of broth but I really don’t know if that would have been enough. But it is fine since it still tasted really good. So, still a success since everyone loved it.

When reheating it I added extra water to help keep it from becoming dry.

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Tips-y Tuesdays: Better Beef for Slow-Cooking and Stews

I read lots of tips and suggestions, but not all of them pan out. That’s why I wanted to share this one with you all. Basically, I read in a recipe from The Food Lab that you should do the opposite of what many recipes say to do with beef…and after trying it multiple times in different recipes, it has worked amazingly well each time!


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Tips-y Tuesdays: Another Idea for Short Ribs

Let’s say you’ve made my short rib recipe and are looking for something else to do with it. You know about having it as a taco salad. You have tried it just with rice or other dishes, but you were intrigued by the idea that I talked about having it with noodles. Well, I went and did it!


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Beef Stew, Take Two: With Beer

Not too long ago I shared a beef stew recipe. K really wanted a beef stew with beer. While I was planning our dinner for the week, I came across some similar recipes with beer and decided to do a version of the one I made before, but with a couple changes. This one might have required a bit less work. Just a bit. All in all, they were similar, but I enjoyed it and had improved my beef stew technique in making this. Now I can say I have mastered the basic beef stew! I used a Newcastle Brown Ale because that is what I was able to find for a decent price (we’re not beer drinkers), but you could play around with different varieties and find your favorite.

Beef Stew with Beer

Now, it’s not mandatory, but I do recommend this stew with mashed potatoes. It is a bit runny, so you might need a bowl, but it works so well poured over the fluffy potatoes.


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Make-Ahead Beef Stew

If you were around for last Thursday’s post, then you would know that make-ahead dishes are awesome. Not only do they allow me to make it through bouts of nausea (cooking in short sprints–yay!), but I can freeze them for days when I am tired and don’t want to do any cooking. Of course, some recipes don’t taste as good when they are leftovers, but this stew gets better over time. The original recipe even says you should make this ahead for the best results.



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Beef, Beer, and Onion Stew

This recipe appealed to me in my rainy season stupor in Seattle. Of course, by the time I made this recipe we began having sunny weather, but oh well. I wanted it, so we had it. There are a few problems with this dish. Basically, you need to be around for it (unless you’re okay leaving the oven on while you’re gone), and you have to smell it that whole time while being super hungry. Or maybe that’s only if you decide to workout before prepping dinner and then feeling really weak with hunger. Hopefully you will make better choices than I did for this.



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