Italian Wedding Soup

Look at me, making a soup! It’s a rare occurrence, and trickier now that the Fudgelet is eating our food (he can’t feed himself soup yet, so I need the soup to contain finger foods). The Fudgelet loves spinach, ground meat/meatballs, and pasta, so I figured this would be a hit for him. It took some convincing since the pasta was a new shape and the egg strands made the spinach look and taste different, but eventually he liked it. K was an even bigger fan. He would prefer a different pasta than orzo, as would I…I need to find a store that has a better pasta selection. I can’t seem to find certain shapes, like pastina (what I really wanted to use) or ditalini.

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Slow Cooker Indian Chicken Curry

Most chicken slow cooker recipes require bone-in chicken, of which K isn’t a fan. I was excited to find a recipe that had flavors we like, and allowed for boneless thighs! There is lots of flavor in this curry.


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Cardamom Chicken

I hope the author doesn’t find this recipe. I changed a bunch from the original. Partly because I don’t have many of the ingredients in their original form, and I wanted to make it work for us. There was a topping I just opted out of entirely because it involved raw onion which gives K headaches. If you are at all interested in Middle Eastern cuisine, I would recommend this cookbook. It had some really interesting and tasty-sounding recipes. And maybe you could make this the way it was intended! I was just looking for a weeknight meal, and this worked for me.



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Saag Feta

Today is the final recipe from my Indian recipe week. Again, this is not traditional. I looked for paneer, but couldn’t find it at my basic grocery stores. I am sure I could have gone to one of the more fancier ones, but I was tired from just returning home after a long flight. So, I went with the next best option for me: feta cheese! I know the results are a bit different than you would get with paneer, but it was still good. If you also can’t find paneer and want to make a cheesy spinach dish, I recommend this.


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Pasta with a Creamy Sauce and Spinach

When my magazines come in the mail, I always stockpile them until the next airplane trip (sometimes a monthly occurrence). I will see recipes or ideas I like and then tear out the pages. When I return from my trips, I find random magazine pages all inside my luggage. This recipe was inspired by a pasta recipe. It called for rainbow chard, which makes me sick, so I was going to substitute spinach. It also called for a fancy pasta which I did not feel like buying. Then, when it came to the flavors I realized that it was lacking some basic seasoning. That’s when I knew that I was not going to follow the recipe at all, other than having some sort of pasta, cheese, and a veggie. Sooo…an original!

This has creamy in the title, but I did not use any cream or even whole milk. Just basic 2% worked fine. You could use less cheese to make it a bit healthier, as well as not including the egg (but K loves eggs, so why not include another one when I can?). You can also feel free to play around like I did.

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Spinach Hilda

Post 3 of 3 during veggie week. Check out the glazed roasted carrots and crunchy roasted tomatoes if you missed them earlier this week.

This recipe comes to us from my great-grandmother whom I never met, but she was the woman my mom learned most of her cooking from, as well as other life skills. Who knows how things would have turned out if she had not been the one who basically raised my mom? She was a double amputee, which during anytime, but especially that time, meant that getting around was really hard. My mom sometimes did some shopping for her, but the family members on that side were all really big. My mom at 5’6″ was considered a runt. I am not sure how tall my great-grandmother was standing, but I do know that she wore size 11 shoes with a AAAAA width (super narrow). I have continued the line of long feet (although not as long as hers!) with really narrow feet. I also know that her bra size was something quite remarkable and my mom had to go to a special store for her…! There were lots of funny stories that seemed to come from my great-grandmother and I wish I had been able to meet her, but she passed away before I was born.

So, when I first asked my mom for this spinach recipe that I grew up loving, we had to give it a name, and so we named it after my great-grandmother. This is one of those dishes that helps non-spinach lovers become more of a fan. It is also one of those dishes that you can easily make with what you have on hand.

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