Tartine’s Chocolate Soufflé Cake

Five ingredients in this cake. That’s all. There are a bunch of eggs, but you use all parts, so you aren’t left with random yolks or whites leftover. And, this has no flour if you have people who can’t handle it. To me, no flour just means more chocolate flavor. And there is also a lot of chocolate. So, this isn’t the cheapest cake with all of the chocolate and eggs, but it will feed many and make the many happy.

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Chocolate Soufflés for Two

After finally getting savory soufflés the way I wanted them, I needed to master a chocolate soufflé. I was always so worried by them, and thought they would be very complicated. When I came across a recipe from America’s Test Kitchen, I was turned off by all of the steps. Surprisingly, Mr. Chocolate himself was the one with a recipe that was simple and something I could make ahead. Perfect!


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Racines Cake (Chocolate Mousse Cake)

If you are female, have female friends, or are married to a female, this is a cake you should learn to make. Apparently at work, a few of us are all in sync and magically I get a baking urge for chocolate at just the right time each month. They love it, and this cake was the perfect solution for all of us. I made some people very happy that day, which is always a great feeling. And, it was even impressive enough for a guest for dinner. Oh, and if you’re not a girl, it’s still pretty delicious. So, don’t worry…and try to be okay with using 6 eggs. It really is worth it.


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Cheese Soufflé

Please don’t be scared off by today’s recipe. It, like many things, is worth attempting, even if it makes you nervous. Maybe especially if it makes you nervous? Tomorrow is the day you should come back for something special, although I think some people might find a cheese souffle special. I thought it was extra cool until I realized how easy it was. Since then, it has become a dish I make on a semi-regular basis because I always have the ingredients on hand. I think you will find that it is easy as well.


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