Thanksgiving Turkey Breast and Stuffing

I’ve made turkey breast before, for the first time I made any turkey. I decided to look around for other ideas and found an all-in-one stuffing and turkey breast recipe that intrigued me since it frees up a dish in the oven.

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Asparagus Soup

I was meal planning for the week and was looking for main courses when I came across an asparagus and fennel soup. Now, you might say…where is the fennel? Well, I saw this soup but figured it wasn’t prime season for asparagus, leeks, or fennel right now so I would wait. While I was at the grocery store I actually saw some good looking asparagus. When I went to cook it that night, I decided to look back at the soup recipe. I missed most of the key ingredients but decided to do my own version. It ended up so good that all of us loved it. Even the Chiplet kept asking for more, pointing at that bowl over his meat (his usual favorite part of a meal).

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Herbed Yorkshire Pudding

I had saved this recipe to make and I wasn’t really sure what these would be like, but we ended up enjoying them. I was curious how they related to popovers and apparently are almost identical depending on your recipes. From what I could gather, this tends to be the savory version of a popover. But I’m sure I’m wrong on some level there, too. That was my best interpretation, in case you’ve made popovers before. I liked that I didn’t need a special pan or special ingredients. Everything was stuff I have on hand, and you could mix up the herbs.

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Arabic Bread

I can tell you that this bread is pretty simple because I made it while we were assembling the crib for our future little Fudgingahead. It was our final piece of nursery furniture, so we are relieved to be done! Now it’s just time to buy everything else–ha!


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Spinach Hilda

Post 3 of 3 during veggie week. Check out the glazed roasted carrots and crunchy roasted tomatoes if you missed them earlier this week.

This recipe comes to us from my great-grandmother whom I never met, but she was the woman my mom learned most of her cooking from, as well as other life skills. Who knows how things would have turned out if she had not been the one who basically raised my mom? She was a double amputee, which during anytime, but especially that time, meant that getting around was really hard. My mom sometimes did some shopping for her, but the family members on that side were all really big. My mom at 5’6″ was considered a runt. I am not sure how tall my great-grandmother was standing, but I do know that she wore size 11 shoes with a AAAAA width (super narrow). I have continued the line of long feet (although not as long as hers!) with really narrow feet. I also know that her bra size was something quite remarkable and my mom had to go to a special store for her…! There were lots of funny stories that seemed to come from my great-grandmother and I wish I had been able to meet her, but she passed away before I was born.

So, when I first asked my mom for this spinach recipe that I grew up loving, we had to give it a name, and so we named it after my great-grandmother. This is one of those dishes that helps non-spinach lovers become more of a fan. It is also one of those dishes that you can easily make with what you have on hand.

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