Sous Vide Sesame Salmon

Continuing from my last post with sous vide shrimp, I realized I hadn’t shared a sous vide salmon recipe on here even though I make it regularly. It doesn’t look the prettiest but it is always cooked nicely and not overcooked.

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Sesame Beef Bowl

For today’s recipe I came across a recipe that looked fairly simple and fast but still appealing to us. I made some changes and it was so easy and delicious!

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Grilled Caramel Sesame Chicken

This recipe started off with every thought of me following it word for word. But we don’t like fish sauce, no matter how hard we try. So, I swapped it with some Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce. And then I was going to use skewers but chickened out (pun intended) at the last moment. That’s why my chicken is chopped when it didn’t need to be with the way I cooked the chicken. But, it still ended up delicious the way I made it. We loved it over rice.

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Skillet Sesame Chicken

What are some favorite recipes? Ones that I can make during the week. Often, we have leftovers during the week, but I like being able to make one or two simple meals that are fresh but easy. This is definitely an easy meal that tastes really good.


I’ve made other recipes with sesame chicken but I like how you can take the same or similar ingredients and make something that seems so different.


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Five Spice Roasted Chicken Thighs

This is the other part of our Easter meal. It paired really well with the creamy and sweet risotto because the chicken had a crispy skin with a spicy/salty flavor. Not too salty, and I mean spicy in the “spice” way, not in the “it tastes hot” way. It’s actually a chicken recipe I could make almost any day since we generally have all of the ingredients on hand. K really liked it, and I did, too. The chicken was moist and tender, the skin was tasty, and the flavors were interesting. This is a “must make again” dish for us.


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Sesame Noodles with Chicken

I am coming at you from the past with this. This is a recipe from the summer. It was really convenient to eat when we had our kitchen being worked on and I needed something I could eat straight from the fridge. September can still be a warm month, so you might still be in the mood for some cool food. K said he would have liked it warm, but he is not a big fan of cold food in general. He still ate it, though. 🙂 I will say that the sesame flavor goes away a bit in leftover form, so you might need to add a bit more sesame oil if you are eating it a few days later.


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Honey Sesame Chicken

Yay for adding another weeknight meal to the list! After seeing Jaclyn’s recipe at Cooking Classy, I had to try my own version. Who doesn’t love pairing chicken with a sticky sweet sauce? When I made it, there was less sauce then there was sticky chicken, but that was partly because I was waiting for the rice to finish cooking. If you time everything right (or just add more liquid), you could easily have a slightly saucier version. This pairs well with rice, but you could also have it with rolls or a different grain. I tried to make it a bit healthier by not deep frying the chicken..and I also hate deep frying, so there’s that! Hehe.


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