Topic-Changing Thursdays: Visits from Loved Ones

There are pros and cons to being pregnant. One of them is slightly more comfortable clothing. I am not a fan of having to buy a whole bunch of new clothes, but I am trying to find some joy in mixing up my look a bit. There was also some luck because a coworker of my husband’s gifted me a bunch of clothes in my size since she didn’t need them anymore. To add to the luck, she is waaaay more fashionable than I am, so I feel cool in my new looks.



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Foodie Penpals April Exchange

 The Lean Green Bean

Yay for a penpal exchange with FOOD! If you don’t know what this is, basically Lindsay matches you with two people–one you will be sending stuff to, and one you will be receiving stuff from. It lets you meet two new people each month. There are some guidelines that she lists on the page, but otherwise you have $15 to come up with what you would like to send from your hometown–homemade or store bought.

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