Tips-y Tuesdays: Picking the Right Canned Whole Tomatoes

Now, I am not an expert reviewer. I have not done endless research on food and brands to know what is best. All I know is that I usually take the cheap route when it comes to buying brands, and very rarely do I buy the fancier products. Well, since I started making tomato sauce more regularly, I have been buying a lot more tomatoes. And usually the canned kind since I am not always a big fan of the fresh tomatoes we get around here. (Dad–I miss your tomatoes so much! I should have had you bring some this summer.)


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Tomato Sauce with Onion and Butter

This recipe looks like any other in its cookbook. Some Italian ingredients and it makes a sauce. I did not realize how good it was supposed to be until I read about it online. It is unusual because not only do you not have to chop the onion, you also use butter instead of olive oil. You get a super sweet sauce with lots of fresh tomato flavor (and yes, you use canned tomatoes!). This is not the quickest sauce, but generally you are making other dishes with spaghetti sauce, so this could simmer while you cook the pasta, and then you can toss it together. It is ready in under an hour, and it is my new favorite sauce. I added oregano and pepper because I like a little more kick in my sauce. You could also add some red pepper flakes. It does not need garlic, so I would not recommend it. For the tomatoes, I really think the San Marzano are best. I have tried it with regular tomatoes, but they just weren’t as good.



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