Sous Vide Sesame Salmon

Continuing from my last post with sous vide shrimp, I realized I hadn’t shared a sous vide salmon recipe on here even though I make it regularly. It doesn’t look the prettiest but it is always cooked nicely and not overcooked.

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Foil Packet Salmon, Spinach, and Mushrooms

Before you get on my case, I promise this white fish is salmon. Say what? Yeah. There was a new (to me) type of King Salmon available at my Costco and I was curious. I was going to pass on it until a stranger told me more about it. He said if I like King Salmon and had never had this type, that I should try it. I keep forgetting the name, but it is named for a river between BC and Alaska. It was a really nice piece of fish. Tender, moist, and all yummy fish traits without being “fishy”…not that that bothers me as much. But, this was still wild (troll) caught and I know wild fish tend to be fishier to some people.


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Balsamic Vinegar Glazed Salmon

You can certainly rely on me for salmon recipes. It feels like I have a new one each month. This was inspired by an old magazine recipe I had pulled out years ago. It makes me think of the roasted carrots I made because of the glaze. I had the same problem of smelling it repeatedly and getting vinegar fumes up my nose. Ugh. You would think I could remember not to do that!


This is a healthy meal that is easy to put together. It is perfect for keeping some fish in your diet during the winter, and for watching your figure as you prepare for heavy holiday meals. (Or recover from last month’s holiday food.)

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Salmon with Yogurt Dill Sauce

Talk about taking an idea and running with it! We bought a bunch of salmon a little ways back and have it in the freezer. I was in a fish mood, but I wanted to do something different with the salmon. I decided to try a sauce not unlike the buttermilk one I had on some chicken. This is a really simple recipe, although I tossed in a bunch of ingredients. You can feel free to edit and make changes as you wish. Make sure to do taste checks as you add things. When I first tasted it, I thought it was too sour so I added some honey to help, and then the Wasabi sauce to add a small kick. I did not have fresh dill this time, but really like this jarred dried dill I found–a nice fresh smell and flavor! You can use fresh instead, and use other herbs with it for your perfect blend.

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Teriyaki Marinated Salmon with Quinoa

Is it okay to do another salmon recipe? Hopefully it hasn’t felt too soon for you. Basically, I can’t resist a good salmon recipe, especially when Costco is still carrying the beautiful Copper River kind. Seriously, if you love salmon and can find that variety near you, snatch it up! It is so delicious and such a nice summer food.

Ah yes, summer! It has finally started to hit here in Seattle. This weekend had advisory notices from the weather people because our temperatures were in the 80s, near 90. That might not seem too crazy to everyone else, but it’s warm for here, especially lacking air conditioning. There were also lots of events going on, so I did not want a dish that would take a lot of cooking time.

Mix up the marinade, pour on the fish, go off and have a little fun, then return for a short bake in the oven and time to make some sides.

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3 Simple Salmon Recipes

Copper River Salmon came to the Seattle area and I think everyone went just a little salmon crazy. I picked some up at the local grocery store for a whopping $22 a pound, having no idea how much it should be. But, it was fresh and wild caught, so I was satisfied. It ended up tasting so good that we had to buy it again. Lo and behold, Costco had it (of course in large form) for $10 a pound! We picked up a pack that had two pieces so we could freeze one. Luckily, we were able to entertain our friend Lisa with the salmon, as well as the mushroom recipe. Because we had so much salmon to make, I wanted to try it with several preparations. Our favorite ended up being the brown sugar one because you could really taste the salmon. The other two were still good, but they would be better served on a more basic salmon.

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