Homemade Tagliatelle with Sage, Bacon, and Browned Butter Sauce

This is the start of Italian Week on this blog. After watching America’s Test Kitchen where they made this pasta, I was motivated to make three related dishes. Two involve the pasta recipe, and then there is a surprise one on Friday. It’s more American than Italian, but that often is the case with the Italian food I ate growing up (and about half of my family is Italian…sooooo, yeah). You can make this pasta and have it with any sauce. In fact, I only tossed half of the pasta with sauce and left the rest plain for the next recipe. I reheated it in a marinara sauce and it was great.


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Sage and Sausage Stuffing

So originally I wasn’t going to post anything today. I was going to just recover from the crazy feasting and pick up on Monday, but since I made a couple new dishes, I decided to post the most Thanksgiving-est one today. Who knows, maybe you have extra turkey but not enough sides and you want to whip something up. That was a big issue growing up. We would often have loads of turkey but not enough stuffing (my favorite side) to go around.

If you follow me on Facebook, you would have seen that I’ve never made stuffing from scratch before. I was a Stove Top queen, but decided it was time to branch out. I was excited that we were having Thanksgiving at my in-laws’, because it meant that I could be a bit more involved (my family takes over with at least 3 entrees and a gazillion sides, appetizers, desserts, etc.). This recipe could be made without the sausage, but you might find that you need a bit more sage or other seasoning to make up for the missing salt. You might also need a bit more butter.

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