Flaky Pull-Apart Rolls

It is May and I am still sharing stuff from Thanksgiving of 2017. Forgive me? I mean, it’s not like you can’t have rolls all year long. We have had these outside of Thanksgiving, too. I really like how easy this recipe is and it is pre-buttered. The salt in the dough and on top really brings out the buttery flavor, too. These are a new favorite roll recipe for me.

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Burger Rolls from King Arthur Flour

Do you ever work your grocery lists around coupons? I had one recently where I needed to spend a certain amount to get the discount. I only had plans (initially) to buy some produce, but decided to add on a few items, such as some ground beef that was on special. It was the perfect kind of ground beef for burgers: 80%. I thought about different ways I could use it, but we didn’t have burger rolls. Luckily, I happened to be on Twitter and found a link to King Arthur Flour’s recipe for burger rolls. Not only were they easy, but I had everything to make them (including the time). So, I asked K if he was in the mood for burgers. He said we would need to buy rolls…and then I showed him the recipe. Since I’d “thought of everything”, he gave the go-ahead.


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Barbecue Chicken with Rolls

Comfort food feels appropriate right now. Not the best week with news, some icky weather here, and some holiday stress. This is a cozy meal I hope you will like. Have you ever made barbecue chicken, but without a grill? It was an interesting concept for me and I took a sauce from an old Better Homes and Gardens magazine (October 2009), and mixed up the baking a bit. It was a pretty simple dish. I think next time I would reduce the sauce further (I have already cut it in half for you) and maybe use chicken thighs instead of breasts. I chose to not broil the meat at all, but you could if you wanted more of a grilled flavor. The sauce is really where this recipe succeeds for me. It is not hard to make, but had a great flavor.

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