Roasted Chicken Thighs with Clementines and Roasted Vegetables

After my dad and M visited, they had left me with some chicken thighs, clementines, carrots, and celery. I didn’t have any plans for them but decided to throw them together into something. Somehow they all worked together and made something delicious. I served it on top of rice to take advantage of the sauce.

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Slow-Cooker Chicken Stock

I’ve made recipes in the slow cooker before that yield broth, like this one. But, I had not seen one where you could take already cooked chicken and turn it into an easy broth. For awhile, I was buying rotisserie chickens from the store and eating them throughout the week for lunch. It was easy and cheap. Well, now I was able to take those carcasses I saved (just in case) and use them for a stock. The original recipe says you need 3-4 chicken carcasses, but I found 2 was plenty. Maybe my chickens run large? Basically, once I filled one of my gallon-sized freezer bags with the bones, I was ready to go.

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Skillet Roasted Chicken Thighs and Stuffing

You will notice the pictures are from two different occasions. The first time, I followed the original recipe but wasn’t completely happy with it. I wanted more vegetables and an easier chicken experience…carving chickens are “meh” but eating chicken thighs are easy. So, I added more vegetables (yummy carrots!) and switched to thighs. I also used my Dutch oven to give myself a little more room for those vegetables. That part mattered less, but I do recommend adding what tastes good to you.


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Five Spice Roasted Chicken Thighs

This is the other part of our Easter meal. It paired really well with the creamy and sweet risotto because the chicken had a crispy skin with a spicy/salty flavor. Not too salty, and I mean spicy in the “spice” way, not in the “it tastes hot” way. It’s actually a chicken recipe I could make almost any day since we generally have all of the ingredients on hand. K really liked it, and I did, too. The chicken was moist and tender, the skin was tasty, and the flavors were interesting. This is a “must make again” dish for us.


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Chicken Pot Pie

Happy Pi Day! After two years of sharing dessert pies, I decided to share a savory pie today. Why is it called chicken pot pie? Do some people bake it in a pot? I guess you could. I’ve thought about baking it in my Dutch oven before. Instead I usually find random dishes to use. This time, I decided to maximize the crust to pie filling ratio. I used a rectangular baking dish, and it worked really well. I’ve made pot pie a few different ways. Sometimes I’ve used store crusts or puff pastry dough, and sometimes I’ve used rotisserie chicken. I always have peas and carrots. That’s a must. This recipe was great because I was able to make everything at home, and I didn’t need a trip to the store. To me, using rotisserie chicken for a dish isn’t always a time saver. I have to go and buy it near the time I want to use it, and then I have to shred all of the skin after it cools. I decided to try and use my own roasted chicken. Sure enough, it worked, and I could season it however I liked.



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Tandoori-Style Chicken Thighs with a Yogurt Dressing

I have made other versions of this dish previously. Basically, I love yogurt dressings with chicken. It is so tasty and easy to vary. It also keeps the chicken very moist. Even if you want to do non-Indian seasoning, you could!



We had a whole Indian-themed dinner. Restaurant-made naan and chapati helped complete the meal!



The spinach dish on the far right will be shared on Friday. Stay tuned!


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Moroccan Roasted Chicken

I couldn’t believe how easy this recipe was. The list of ingredients seems a bit long looking back at it now, but really it’s not. The only thing I had to buy was the green onion (I needed some more). The recipe was supposed to use hazelnuts, but my grocery store was completely out of them (and still is–ugh!!!). I love pistachios, and I felt they could go well with this. Now, I wouldn’t make it any other way! The rose water is an ingredient you might not have. You might want to do without it, and I get that…but if you’re at all curious, I suggest you try it. I’ve been on the fence, but this dish made me glad I had it. I could taste it, but not in a yucky way (haha). I could see how it added flavor and made it taste like I was somewhere fancier than my own kitchen.


Besides the pistachios, I also loved the sauce that gradually formed as the chicken baked. It was amazing!! Definitely make sure you have some rice to soak it up. And pan-roasted asparagus on the side? Yeah, I loved this meal.


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