Homemade Paneer (and a Ricotta Cameo)

When I first received Pomegranates and Pine Nuts, I saw there was a recipe for making paneer which was so much simpler than I expected. I didn’t want to risk making it at the time, though, since I was pregnant and didn’t want to risk messing something up. Then, after I had the Fudgelet, I totally forgot about it. I was making some Indian food and was excited to remake this dish with paneer, as it was intended.

IMG_3360 IMG_3362

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Ground Beef, Turkey, and Cheese Gozleme (Calzones)

One of the side-effects of blogging with baby is that I don’t have as much time to make food. I am not the fastest person in the kitchen, and I think blogging helped speed me up a bit. I needed to be able to take pictures while cooking in a reasonable amount of time. Sure, my pictures were sometimes rushed or blurry, but I did okay. Usually, I could even take multiple pictures of a step and pick the best one. Well, nowadays I don’t always remember to even take a picture for a step, or there just isn’t time. Maybe we’re running late for dinner (not an issue with adults, but it is with a set dinner/bedtime routine for a toddler!), so I am rushing the food-making process, or my hands are dirty and I would need to stop, wash up, take a picture, dirty my hands again, wash up, etc. and I decide it isn’t worth it, or I just forget. Today’s recipe was more the dirty hand issue. Making dough recipes means flour gets everywhere. We had an ant outbreak this summer, and so I’ve been trying to be extra careful of where flour and other food particles end up in the kitchen. (Although, both sets of neighbors had ants really bad last year, and we didn’t have any, so I guess it might have just been our turn. Sigh.)


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Savory Ricotta Pancakes

When I started this recipe, it began as a ricotta gnocchi recipe….it kind of went its own way into what I am calling savory pancakes. You could serve these as a main course (did that) or as a side dish (did that, too!). This was before I was feeding all the foods to the Fudgelet, so I can’t weigh in on his thoughts, but K and I liked them. Cheese, tomato, and a bit of broth…all good, here!


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Homemade Cavatelli

I have now made cavatelli twice. Both before my kitchen was fully repaired, and after the Fudgelet was born. Even after my dad and M left, leaving me with less help! The second time, they looked better. I learned to make them a bit smaller and skinnier. But, still not super amazing because, well, I have a baby now. Things get rushed. I only had so much time to make the pasta.


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Ricotta Scrambled Eggs

Prior to the Fudgelet’s arrival, I had been making different kinds of pasta. One of them used ricotta cheese. I was left with half a container. I planned on making the same pasta again, and maybe cooking it an alternative way. Well, he arrived, and I was left with this cheese that I didn’t have the time or energy to make pasta with. I also didn’t want to go to the grocery store. Instead, I thought about using it with eggs.  K and I really liked it, and it made a tasty lunch. You could certainly vary the amount of cheese, or the number of eggs. You can also eat it on the side, or on a sandwich. Can you figure out which plate is mine, and which was K’s?



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Chicken with Pasta, Roasted Peppers, and Ricotta

I had mentioned it on Twitter…it appears that I am in a savory mode currently. Part of it was having a cold with a sprained foot (not wanting to bake much), and part was having a backlog of desserts we still had to eat. Hopefully I will feel more like eating and making desserts again, soon! (Probably right after I post this–ha!) In the meantime, you get another chicken post. Unlike the grilled chicken on Monday, this is a pasta dish I made up. We had some leftover ingredients to use, and I threw them together. So, don’t worry if you don’t have tomatoes or mushrooms, and want to make some substitutions. But, you should make sure to keep something sweet like the peppers and tomatoes. Sooooo good.



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Orange Ricotta Pancakes

After making a pizza with some ricotta cheese, I needed a way to use up the extra ricotta. I had time to make breakfast (yay for weekends!) and thought it could be fine to try ricotta pancakes. Now, I only have ever tried them once. Maybe. My husband and I always celebrated our anniversary at a particular restaurant. We were unable to make it for dinner, so decided to go for brunch. I ordered some ricotta pancakes after hearing great things about what ricotta can do for the fluffiness. Well, you may or may not know my opinion on goat cheese/blue cheese/things that are sour…I am not a fan. They just make me think of rotting milk. So, when I tasted the pancakes and got a strong blue cheese kind of flavor, I asked the waiter what was in them. I figured that they may have done a substitution or changed the item without updating the menu. He insisted it was ricotta cheese in them, and I didn’t want to fuss so I left it at that. Of course, I only had a bite or two (and so did K). After that, I was a bit disappointed in them, and in the idea of ricotta pancakes.


I’m still not sure what was in those pancakes, because these pancakes…well. They were truly awesome. I said before that I am not the pancake flipper, but even I was able to have luck with these. I added some orange zest just because, so you can certainly leave it out. Or, feel free to add lemon for a different flavor.

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