Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate Stracciatella

It has actually been hot again in Seattle. We have used our room air conditioner for better sleep, and have been eating more ice cream for cooler evenings. As a result, we went from having large amounts of homemade ice cream to just a serving left. Emergency measures had to be taken! So, I woke up early so that I could make the base before work. Partially to save time, but also to have a stronger “mint” flavor,  I decided to leave out the egg yolks, which made the process pretty speedy. To top it off, I had leftover mint from an Indian dish over the weekend, so I did not even need to purchase any ingredients. Score!

You can even enjoy it with cake!

I know some people are not mint and chocolate fans (I’m talking about you, Dad!). You can leave out the chocolate or do some other variation. My husband really doesn’t like mix-ins, but he’s ok with this one because the chocolate melts easily in his mouth, and I love having different textures mixed into my ice creams. Chocolate chips, brownies, or heck, you could even throw in peppermint patties! Whatever you like. I stuck with dark chocolate because it makes me think of Andes bars.

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