Tomato, Egg, and Cheese Quiche

I think you could call this a tart instead…I don’t know the specific differences in the names, but I do know that I follow almost the same recipe for my quiche recipe, but there were some important changes for this. After reading about how awesome heirloom tomatoes are, I wanted to pick some up from the Farmers’ Market and enjoy them as a good summer dish. Seattle was late to summer, but it has been going steady for a couple months. All of a sudden, bam! It was fall. Cooler mornings, bringing out extra blankets, wearing socks and jackets, and wanting to turn on the heat but holding out because I know I can throw on another layer. Soon it will be back into the rainy season(s?) and I will be craving sunshine. At least I can look back at these pictures and remember how yummy the tomatoes were.

What meals get you excited about the fall and autumn seasons? I am trying to think ahead to produce knowing that I cannot rely on my local produce as much.  Colder weather makes me think of pot pies, roasted chicken, and soup!

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Vegetable Quiche

Apparently quiche is supposed to be a good way of using up leftover veggies. I don’t think that ours is the only house that doesn’t have that problem. At least, I hope not. Even when I lived by myself I still didn’t have too many leftover vegetables. I would heat up a frozen bag or make a standard recipe and be lucky to have 1-2 servings remaining. My husband also eats his fair share of them, so between us, we usually have more of the main course left than anything else.

Anyway, what I am getting at is that you could use this as a way of getting rid of veggies, or you could do it like I do and make new ones for it. It works out well, time-wise, so I don’t think it matters either way. This recipe is the main reason I try to keep a block of cream cheese in my fridge at all times–all I need are eggs, cream cheese, grated cheese, and a few other staples to put me on my way. It’s the “I am out of other ideas” recipe, or the “I forgot to plan something” recipe that is nice to fall back on. (I have a few of these, and I’m hoping the husband hasn’t noticed yet.)

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