Pumpkin Bread

The Chiplet has a Highlights Five magazine subscription. They have a recipe in each one, and most are fairly simple. This one was stepped up a bit with a pumpkin bread recipe. The Chiplet was really interested in making it, and I decided to try since I hadn’t made one in years. It actually tasted really good. I froze the second loaf for us to enjoy later this season.

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Chiplet Adventures (part 6): Letter P Week

You might be able to see that these pictures were from October with the decorations. We were definitely scaled back this week because we had my dad and M visiting, so we were doing more outings and activities with them. We still managed to get letter P in, and he was happy with what we planned.

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Happy Almost Thanksgiving—Halloween?

Yep, here I am again with a non-seasonal post. I decided this was as good a time as any to share some of the last Halloween pictures. Enjoy the semi-throwback pictures and I hope you can eat lots of food tomorrow if you celebrate.

This year, we ended up decorating pumpkins different ways.

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Halloween in February? (Part 2)

I know, it’s Valentine’s Day and I am here talking about Halloween. But you need to understand. I am writing this in October and even if I manage to do something cute or fun for Valentine’s Day, I am not going to be likely to have time to share Valentine’s activities until let’s say Flag Day (ha!). So, I am sharing this while I can and with the idea that some content on here is better than no content, even if it isn’t timely.

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Friday Favorites 14

Currently, I am working on a craft that I hope to have finished and written about before this post goes live. We shall see! I guess I could be working on it now, but my eyes are a bit too tired for using scissors. Summer left, and I’m still in shock that September has also flown by, and here we are mostly through October. Yeesh. Is this what getting old feels like? Everything is fast? I do find myself trying to appreciate holidays, seasons, and sunny days more with the Fudgelet. I want to make sure that he enjoys these things and has some traditions growing up.

We have been working on getting the Fudgelet to eat more food. He has always been on the small side, and he likes food, but has some normal toddler finickiness. When I meal plan, or bookmark recipes for later, I try to keep him in mind, too. Are there parts of the meal he could eat? That he likes? Or something new for him to try? That part is fun…it’s less fun when he tosses the food on the floor, and then I have to clean it up after begging him to eat.

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