Mixed Bag Mondays (part 12): Repeat Winners and Brussel Sprouts

Often, I try to make new dishes, but sometimes I like to make something repeatedly, or tweak a dish. I’ve tried to make brussel sprouts for K since we started dating. But nothing ever worked. Not cooking them my favorite way (steamed with a little butter to serve), not roasting them with bacon, not sauteing them…not even eating them at restaurants where professionals could try to sway him. I gave up. But, I haven’t given up on making the Fudgelet eat everything. I even have him eat food I don’t like, just so that he can be better than both of us! He enjoys brussel sprouts, but prefers them cooked crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Roasting is the best for that.


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Roasted Peppers and Green Beans with Balsamic

There are other recipes I still need to write about that came before this one, but this recipe was one that K said “this better make it to your blog”. So, here it is. During the big move, I was trying to pick up produce that would keep for a bit so that we could limit our grocery shopping. I didn’t want us to have unnecessary stockpiles of refrigerated food to move. Costco had both bell peppers and haricot verde in stock and I wanted to try roasting them. Luckily, we had not sealed the box with the balsamic vinegar yet, and I on purpose had saved my Dutch oven from packing until the end. Now, you can certainly roast on a regular baking sheet, but I did not have any available. That will affect your baking time, so check the peppers as they cook.



This is an easy throw-together recipe. The peppers turned out super soft and amazingly sweet. The green beans still  had a bit of crunch, which paired nicely with the peppers. Feel free to add extra flavor (I think garlic could go well), but again, I was limited on what had not been packed yet.

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