Fudgelet Adventures (part 18): Oil and Water Lava Lamp (and more)

Here is are fun simple activities for when you need a little quiet time. Not quiet time to yourself…I can’t help you with that, but quiet time with a 3 year old. Now, my almost 4 year old is finally calming down again. He was a great young 3 year old, and then a very emotional and cranky 3.5 year old. 3.75 years-4 years is feeling better again. Which is also nice since the baby is more on the move now and I need to focus on him even more than before. Anyway, I got the idea to make some more calming jars and they really do seem to help the Fudgelet when he needs some down time. Making them is also part of the fun.

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Tips-y Tuesdays: Homemade Play-Doh and Foam Hearts

Have you been cooped up and wanting some activities with your kids? Depending on the age of your munchkins, you can get some of their help. Since mine is still too young to even fully understand scissors and hot/cold, I made the crafts for him to play with.


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Topic-Changing Thursdays: Wedding Cake!

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, Facebook, or even just through this blog, you might have seen that my dad had a wedding recently.


In case you are quite behind the times with me, my mom passed away a few years ago (it was 5 in August–wow!). My dad began hanging out with an old friend (one who was also friends with my mom), and soon became my dad’s companion. (Girlfriend sounds a bit weird when you’re over a certain age–hehe.) At first I was anxious, but she has been very sweet the entire time. She is a great listener and a great partner for my dad. I guess it’s always a bit funny when a parent gets married, but I am happy that my dad has someone to take care of him for the rest of his life, and to keep him content. The annoying part is that there is not a good word to represent the occasion. If I say my dad is getting married, it sounds like my parents were never married. If I say he is getting remarried, it could imply a divorce or some bitterness. Why isn’t there a word for “my mom died, my dad met someone nice to marry, and I am cool with this”? Oh well. The nice part is that I now have a title for her other than my dad’s girlfriend: stepmother. It makes it much easier for introductions!


To help them celebrate, I decided to make them a cake. They had said they weren’t planning on a wedding cake (but don’t be alarmed, they had plenty of desserts to choose from at the reception), so I offered to make a cake for just the two of them. They wanted a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, much like one of our favorites from this bakery near Baltimore. I made a few cakes and a few frostings on my way to making their wedding cake. The cake was intended for them to cut and enjoy, but they were generous and shared slices with immediate family members, too. Out of a wish to preserve privacy, I won’t share the pictures from the cake cutting, but I will say that the thumbs up from my stepmother with huge smiles from her and my dad were the perfect thank you.


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