Brown Butter Pecan Ice Cream

This is another episode in my love affair with pecans. Although, I did think that this recipe used a few too many pecans in the end product for my liking. This ice cream is so creamy, that you almost want to enjoy it without the crunchiness of the nuts. It is easy to add fewer pecans at the end, or to stick with the full 1/2 cup. I will leave it up to you.




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Overnight Bread Pudding with Pecan Topping

With so much gloomy wet weather here lately, I have been motivated to make lots of comfort food. When I first made bread pudding, I was looking for inspiration but many recipes required overnight preparation. Since I had not planned ahead for it, I decided to wing it and liked my results. In fact, K actually prefers that one slightly to this one. This recipe is a bit more filling, and he thought it felt “less healthy” even though it is only the topping that really puts this one over the edge. I basically followed America’s Test Kitchen recipe, but they call it “Make-Ahead French Toast Casserole with Caramel-Pecan Topping”. To me, it tastes like bread pudding with pecans, so that is what I am calling it for my records. I made a few changes because we are a cinnamon-loving household here. We also never have a whole loaf of Italian/French bread just hanging around. I mean, who does? If you buy bread, don’t you start eating hunks of it that day, then put it to the side with grand plans you forget about? This happens often here. We can get through a  solid half loaf, but it is really hard to finish a whole loaf before it starts to go stale. So, I decided to let this half go stale and make an overnight bread pudding. To my surprise, they expected me to use a whole loaf. Well, this is the halved version made slightly healthier than their version.

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Apple and Pecan Crumble

I live in apple country, but last year we had trouble finding places to pick our own apples. We were actually told that you couldn’t pick apples because people kept suing the farms. So, we gave up our search and satisfied our apple craving with apple cider. This year, while at a farmer’s market, we saw that there was a u-pick orchard about 1-2 hours away. We were going to Hawaii that week, so we delayed the visit until after we got back. After picking so many apples, I had to find recipes to use them. Of course, apple cider was first and allowed me to update my post on it with more pictures. For the next apple treat, I decided to try a treat from a Jacques Pepin cookbook I have, called “Fast Food My Way“. The recipe is supposed to have dried apricots in it, but we don’t like them so I added a different dried fruit I had: cherries! You could also use raisins or some other dried fruit you enjoy with apples. The fruit gets nice and plump like juicy raisins.

It paired well with apple pie ice cream.

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