Tips-y Tuesdays: Pasta Machines

If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I was super excited about a Christmas present from my husband K. Pasta maker attachments for my stand mixer! I’ve been making pasta with my by-hand pasta machine, but it’s been difficult and messy. The main issue is that I couldn’t attach the machine to my countertop because my counter is too thick for it. So, I end up trying to hold it in place while cranking the pasta. And, it is still pretty easy, but you obviously need a little muscle effort (maybe a fancier one is better, but mine was only $40 at a discount store), which is difficult when trying to hold a wobbly machine. Well, I heard the stand mixer attachments worked well, but I didn’t want to spend $150 on them.

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Pappardelle Pasta

If someone had told me years ago how easy it was to make your own pasta, I might have been doing this longer! Especially having a pasta maker. After making tagliatelle without a machine, and now making a similar type of pasta in this recipe, I can honestly say the machine is so much better. It takes less time and less grunt work. Using semolina flour to keep the pasta from sticking to itself was also a great idea. I got that idea from a Food and Wine article on making pasta. You don’t notice it in the end product, but it makes the pasta easier to work with.



A bonus to the easy pasta–it also didn’t take very long to make it. The “rest” times were handy for me to work on other tasks, and they were only about 30 minutes each, so no big deal. If nothing else, you have time to clean a bit as you go, or make the sauce during the downtime.


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