Fudgelet Adventures (Part 2)

Would you like some more Fudgelet pictures? Well, I have a few of those, along with some pictures of his stuffed animal friends. Today I am sharing one of his latest obsessions….


The panda is an old friend…it was given at the (his? my?) baby shower. In fact, here is the panda helping me practice using the car seat while I was still pregnant…


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Battle of the Cakes (Part 2): Sweetapolita’s Buttermilk Cake with Chocolate Cloud Frosting

As mentioned in the first part of my “Battle of the Cakes”, the cake today had a super easy frosting. Easy to make, and easy to use. The taste is a bit sweet and light compared to other chocolate frostings I have had. The cake is almost spongey, so that is good or bad, depending on what type of cake you like. The frosting does pair well with the cake because you don’t want a heavy frosting for it. The technique for making the cake layers was also different compared to what I’ve done for other cakes, so go check it out below! In the meantime, you can look at the fun I had frosting it…


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Fudgelet Food: Part 2

I haven’t written about the Fudgelet’s food for awhile. It doesn’t mean I haven’t been making him food, but I have just been lazy about sharing it on here–sorry! He has been getting a whole variety, with different meats, vegetables, fruits, and snacks from the store. I started him on some store food because 1) it was easy finger food to give him practice picking up and chewing (especially before he had a tooth) and 2) I knew that when we visited Maryland I would want to just buy store food and give it to keep things easy. Eventually he will be doing regular table food, but since he is not ready yet, we wanted to make sure he would eat the store purees, and not just Mommy’s. 🙂


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Topic-Changing Thursdays: Dear Fudgelet Part 2

Dear Fudgelet,

I just had a really rough 1 hour and 40 minutes. But so did you. You are halfway to 1 year old, and I am no better knowing what to do with your sleep than I was the last time I wrote to you. You’ve been staying up for longer stretches now, and you’re definitely going through a lot of changes. Sometimes, we don’t know what changes until a week later (which is a long time in babyland). You’ve made big strides (pun intended) in moving while on your tummy…not quite crawling, but you’re headed in that direction (so many puns). I’ve watched you play with your toys in more intentional ways, moving them towards your face and away, examining them, examining us, examining your own body (you love those fingers and toes). We’ve even started you with some solid food! All of these changes make for fussy babies who need more sleep. Well, I’m trying to get you that sleep anyway I can.


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