Free-Standing Vanilla Panna Cotta for 2

I honestly can’t remember what made me think of this recipe. I remember vaguely being in the mood for something creamy, and also intrigued by making something new (panna cotta). I had a little heavy cream that needed to get used, and everything else on the list was a pantry item. So, it seemed like a good idea. Basically, I made it while feeding the Fudgelet dinner, and then K and I had it for dessert. It was fun to be all “oh, and look at this random treat from the refrigerator”.


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Hot Chocolate Panna Cotta for Two

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! I recently made a dinner that required 1 cup of heavy cream. This can be exciting, because it means I have 1 cup remaining in my pint container for something else….but what to make? You could double the original dinner recipe, but that wasn’t necessary. Also, many recipes require 2 cups of cream. In fact, this recipe originally did. But, the recipe (with 2 cups) would make more than we could eat before the panna cotta would start to be less yummy (according to Dorie). So, halving the recipe would be great! In general, it was easy, although some ingredient amounts got fudged a bit (haha). But, it is such a good recipe, that it didn’t even matter. It really does taste like cold hot chocolate, and the version I am sharing is perfect to whip up during a baby’s 30 minute nap, and then eat it with your husband when he comes home that night. You know, if you’re me. Otherwise, you could make it whenever you like, just know it needs a few hours to set.


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