America’s Test Kitchen Better Than Boxmix Pancakes

I don’t think I’ve shared on here my experience with boxmix pancakes and why I will never buy it again. It’s funny, because I actually forgot for a moment and almost got some of the protein pancake mix to try. We have been enjoying the protein waffles for an easy breakfast so I thought a mix could be fun to try for pancakes…but oops. My horror story.

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Mixed Bag Mondays: Lots of Baking

I haven’t been making as many new savory dishes recently, but have been making new baking recipes to try out. After making the World Peace cookies that I just shared, I made other cookie recipes, including this bar you see below.

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Mixed Bag Mondays: Doughy Issues

Working with dough can be very hit or miss for me. Sometimes I get great results, and most times I feel like I have failures. It’s hard to tell how much is me and how much is a fault of the recipes. Regardless, I keep looking for and trying new recipes because I hope to improve my own skills. I had never made grilled pizza before, although I have made scallion pancakes.

I need to pull out my old recipe for the pancakes, because, well, let’s start there…

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Basic Pancakes

When I got an apartment in college, my parents (specifically my mom) made sure I had a few cookbooks to get started. One of them was the Betty Crocker cookbook I referenced for these pancakes. She wrote an inscription wishing me a “Happy apartment and cooking!” which is still nice to see. I have so many bookmarks in this spiral book. Many of the bookmarks are recipes I’ve pulled from magazines, etc. Sometimes, the simplest recipes are the best.


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Buttermilk Pancakes

When you’re chatting on the phone, it’s sometimes tricky to document pictures for your blog. But, you know, it’s okay when it’s one of your closest friends. (Hi, Lisa!) I started making these, then realized I would be flipping pancakes for a while (and K was out running for his workout), so I decided to use the time in a better way. This means you don’t get to see the big pile of pancakes I made because by the time K was ready for breakfast, I was starving. Soooo…just pretend there are more pancakes pictured here….


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Graham Pancakes

One weekend morning I was very hungry, which usually means I will have a simple breakfast because if it takes too long I will start to get cranky. This particular morning I decided I was in the mood to make pancakes, but unique pancakes. When I came across the idea for adding graham cracker crumbs to pancake batter, I was sold. I enjoyed these with very little syrup so that I could better taste the graham flavor. You can also have them with jam like I made for K (directions below).





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Orange Ricotta Pancakes

After making a pizza with some ricotta cheese, I needed a way to use up the extra ricotta. I had time to make breakfast (yay for weekends!) and thought it could be fine to try ricotta pancakes. Now, I only have ever tried them once. Maybe. My husband and I always celebrated our anniversary at a particular restaurant. We were unable to make it for dinner, so decided to go for brunch. I ordered some ricotta pancakes after hearing great things about what ricotta can do for the fluffiness. Well, you may or may not know my opinion on goat cheese/blue cheese/things that are sour…I am not a fan. They just make me think of rotting milk. So, when I tasted the pancakes and got a strong blue cheese kind of flavor, I asked the waiter what was in them. I figured that they may have done a substitution or changed the item without updating the menu. He insisted it was ricotta cheese in them, and I didn’t want to fuss so I left it at that. Of course, I only had a bite or two (and so did K). After that, I was a bit disappointed in them, and in the idea of ricotta pancakes.


I’m still not sure what was in those pancakes, because these pancakes…well. They were truly awesome. I said before that I am not the pancake flipper, but even I was able to have luck with these. I added some orange zest just because, so you can certainly leave it out. Or, feel free to add lemon for a different flavor.

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