Dutch Baby Pancake for dinner

I’ve made these before and this one is probably my favorite so far. I liked the flavor of it, and it didn’t require a blender, which would have been nice back when the Chiplet was a baby and doing naps around lunchtime when I’d want to make brunch.

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German Pancake

Once again I am bringing a breakfast food we had for dinner…because that is what we often do around here. I’ve gotten around to making more of them for brunch on the weekend, but sometimes it is easier for dinner when I can be louder while cooking (for lunch, the Chiplet is often napping until right before we eat, so I wouldn’t be able to do things like use a blender/etc. This recipe doesn’t look like much, but it was tasty and enjoyed by all of us.

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Oven Baby Pancake

The first recipe I made in my new kitchen was this one. We ate out the first evening because let’s face it…a day of moving does not make you want to cook. Just sleep. So, we had a nice quiet late dinner at a local restaurant. Then, in the morning, I wanted to make something special for breakfast and break in the kitchen. Well, why make something I’ve made before when I can try something new? It all went well until I finished taking pictures of the pancake in the skillet. Then, I went to grab the handle without a potholder. Sigh. So, first day, first recipe…a burn. I toughed it out even though it was quite painful. It’s part of the reason I don’t have more pictures of the completed pancake (searing pain will do that).



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