Croissants and Pain au Chocolat

Happy 100th post to me! I had to make it a special one for this benchmark occasion. There is a bit of a back-story before I get into the recipe, so feel free to skip or read. There will be a recipe as well as “lessons learned” for making croissants and pain au chocolat(e)…ah, French and the fun spelling that upsets Auto-Correct.

Woo! Pile o’ Pastries!

This time last year, I was settling into a routine. I was learning what it was like to live in Washington state and learning a new way of “fall”. Back home, the mornings were crisp and leaves would change pretty quickly. Here, fall is more gradual.

Yes, it does feel like one day you wake up and it’s a bit chillier than usual, but the trees turn colors in waves. I was surprised it was so pretty because I figured with us not having quite as many deciduous trees that fall would feel even shorter. Last year, it also meant the first time I did not have to leave here at the end of summer and return to Maryland to teach. It was weird!! But, it also meant meeting more of K’s friends and hanging out with them. We went to a video game midnight release party at our local Microsoft store. Earlier that day, I had started dough for croissants but did not have time to form them and let them proof. So, when I saw that K wanted to stay up late and play his game that night, I realized that I could finish making the croissants. Who cared that it was super late at night? I would already be up, so why not make something yummy? He didn’t even notice at first but then began to smell them baking. And let me tell you…

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