Slow Cooker Short Ribs (yes, another one)

This is the week of me sharing recipes I enjoy making but then I forget to take pictures of them. “Oops Week” maybe? Well, this is a super easy slow cooker recipe that makes my slow cooker extra valuable. I made short ribs in the slow cooker before but this recipe takes the yumminess of short ribs and makes them even easier to cook. This is not for a spur of the moment dinner, though. It cooks for 9 !!! hours and you need to marinate it overnight first, so there’s that. But otherwise, you just dump it all in and turn it on. Super easy. And no browning of the meat required!

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Crepes for Brunch

Happy New Year! I wanted to start the year by sharing something brand new for me. I’ve eaten crepes before, but never attempted making them because I assumed they would be too difficult, or require special tools. It turns out, they are maybe even easier than pancakes. I love that you can make the batter ahead of time and just wake up and make them. I didn’t even use a blender to make them which would have made it easier (the Fudgelet was sleeping and I wasn’t going to risk waking him to save a little elbow grease).

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Tips-y Tuesdays: Overnight Oats

Before you start to pass judgment and think I’m some hipstery cook, let me tell you that overnight oats are EASY and fast. They make a great breakfast when you have little time to make food in the morning (hi, Toddler Fudgelet!) but want something filling. In the morning, after the Fudgelet gets me up with his morning song (wah wah is the fav), we brush our teeth and go downstairs where he plays and I work out. Sometimes K can take him in the morning while I work out so that he gets some Daddy time, but otherwise he hangs with me. Occasionally he tries some moves, and other times he is counting my reps with me (he can do 1, 2, 3 but sometimes forgets what comes next, then can go up to 9). After this, depending on hunger levels, I either shower or do breakfast next. Either way, we are both quite hungry by this point. As a result, I enjoy quick breakfasts that are easy to assemble.


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Overnight Yeasted Waffles

Last year, my friends and I went to a big Mom/Baby Halloween party. This year, most of us weren’t attending the party because it was so crazy last year (lots of people, overheating babies in their costumes, meltdowns galore…). As it turned out, the Fudgelet ended up taking an epic nap (for him) that day, so we would have missed most of it anyway. Besides, K’s work had a trick-or-treating event the same afternoon, so we went to that one instead. (Had to show off the matching family costumes, after all.)


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Snickerdoodle Cookies

This is a new type of cookie for me to make. It doesn’t have any of the normal requirements I have for a cookie…except I was in the mood for a chewy cookie. And I thought my dad would like it as a special surprise in his monthly care package. Even if you’re not my dad, you might want some of these yourself. They’re easy to make, and they go very well with ice cream. Mmmm.


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Overnight Bread Pudding with Pecan Topping

With so much gloomy wet weather here lately, I have been motivated to make lots of comfort food. When I first made bread pudding, I was looking for inspiration but many recipes required overnight preparation. Since I had not planned ahead for it, I decided to wing it and liked my results. In fact, K actually prefers that one slightly to this one. This recipe is a bit more filling, and he thought it felt “less healthy” even though it is only the topping that really puts this one over the edge. I basically followed America’s Test Kitchen recipe, but they call it “Make-Ahead French Toast Casserole with Caramel-Pecan Topping”. To me, it tastes like bread pudding with pecans, so that is what I am calling it for my records. I made a few changes because we are a cinnamon-loving household here. We also never have a whole loaf of Italian/French bread just hanging around. I mean, who does? If you buy bread, don’t you start eating hunks of it that day, then put it to the side with grand plans you forget about? This happens often here. We can get through a  solid half loaf, but it is really hard to finish a whole loaf before it starts to go stale. So, I decided to let this half go stale and make an overnight bread pudding. To my surprise, they expected me to use a whole loaf. Well, this is the halved version made slightly healthier than their version.

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