Moroccan Roasted Chicken

I couldn’t believe how easy this recipe was. The list of ingredients seems a bit long looking back at it now, but really it’s not. The only thing I had to buy was the green onion (I needed some more). The recipe was supposed to use hazelnuts, but my grocery store was completely out of them (and still is–ugh!!!). I love pistachios, and I felt they could go well with this. Now, I wouldn’t make it any other way! The rose water is an ingredient you might not have. You might want to do without it, and I get that…but if you’re at all curious, I suggest you try it. I’ve been on the fence, but this dish made me glad I had it. I could taste it, but not in a yucky way (haha). I could see how it added flavor and made it taste like I was somewhere fancier than my own kitchen.


Besides the pistachios, I also loved the sauce that gradually formed as the chicken baked. It was amazing!! Definitely make sure you have some rice to soak it up. And pan-roasted asparagus on the side? Yeah, I loved this meal.


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