Homemade Orange Extract

For the Fudgelet’s first birthday party I made vanilla extract. I decided I wanted to make something for the Chiplet’s birthday party. I wasn’t sure until I saw this post from Sprinkle Bakes. She made lemon extract but I was inspired to make orange instead. Then I saw she said it was possible to use oranges or similar fruit. So, I went with it! I actually started making it before I had the small bottles just because I wanted to give it plenty of time.

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German Pancake

Once again I am bringing a breakfast food we had for dinner…because that is what we often do around here. I’ve gotten around to making more of them for brunch on the weekend, but sometimes it is easier for dinner when I can be louder while cooking (for lunch, the Chiplet is often napping until right before we eat, so I wouldn’t be able to do things like use a blender/etc. This recipe doesn’t look like much, but it was tasty and enjoyed by all of us.

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Asparagus, Fennel, and Pea Risotto

This is actually from the meal we had for Easter. I decided since we would be staying in to make a more complicated dinner. It ended up being really tasty and everyone was a fan. I will share the chicken recipe soon. For now, enjoy this risotto with lots of vegetables and warm weather flavors. If you are anxious about the fennel, well, I was, too. I have never cooked with it before, or even bought it before. I was worried it would be a strong flavor that we wouldn’t like, but we all did! On its own I think I would not be a big fan, but in the dish it worked perfectly. As for how to prepare it, read ahead.


I like that this dish is both a starchy course and full of our vegetables all in one. The Fudgelet did well picking up the little pieces to feed himself (he still prefers fingers mostly over utensils).

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Orange Ice Cream, Version 1

I am titling this “Version 1” because everything was great…except the ice cream isn’t a perfect smooth texture, so I would like to try to improve that for next time.


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Cranberry-Walnut-Orange Muffins (Take 2)

These muffins have been discussed before. In fact, they gave me some trouble before. Or rather, I gave them trouble. Basically, flipping pages back and forth while following three sets of directions was confusing. Aaaannnnyway, my dad requested them again, and I jumped at the chance to make them again. This time, I would have no trouble!


Look how nice and tall they are, and yet not too dense. Just muffin-y enough to be eaten for breakfast.


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Orange Ricotta Pancakes

After making a pizza with some ricotta cheese, I needed a way to use up the extra ricotta. I had time to make breakfast (yay for weekends!) and thought it could be fine to try ricotta pancakes. Now, I only have ever tried them once. Maybe. My husband and I always celebrated our anniversary at a particular restaurant. We were unable to make it for dinner, so decided to go for brunch. I ordered some ricotta pancakes after hearing great things about what ricotta can do for the fluffiness. Well, you may or may not know my opinion on goat cheese/blue cheese/things that are sour…I am not a fan. They just make me think of rotting milk. So, when I tasted the pancakes and got a strong blue cheese kind of flavor, I asked the waiter what was in them. I figured that they may have done a substitution or changed the item without updating the menu. He insisted it was ricotta cheese in them, and I didn’t want to fuss so I left it at that. Of course, I only had a bite or two (and so did K). After that, I was a bit disappointed in them, and in the idea of ricotta pancakes.


I’m still not sure what was in those pancakes, because these pancakes…well. They were truly awesome. I said before that I am not the pancake flipper, but even I was able to have luck with these. I added some orange zest just because, so you can certainly leave it out. Or, feel free to add lemon for a different flavor.

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Almond and Citrus Tea Cake

This was a celebration cake, as I announced on Twitter, because there was some good news found out the day before I made this! Now, you might have figured out what it was, but because I am superstitious, I am not announcing it just yet…soon, though. Really soon. In the meantime, you should find your occasion to celebrate and make this cake. I had wanted to make it for a while because it looked so elegant. I added raspberries and a few other special touches to make it even more awesome. You can likewise jazz it up. One easy add-in is vanilla sugar for the granulated sugar. It adds pretty vanilla beans throughout the cake, which just enhances all of the flavor in this super moist cake.



Vanilla sugar with regular sugar

Vanilla sugar with regular sugar

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