One Pot Shrimp and Couscous

I am always leery of recipes that say you can do things in one pot (they often seem overly complicated for solely the reason of one pot), or of shrimp recipes since they are often overcooked. Well, this recipe managed to work and is easy while also being delicious. We were all fans. Next time I will definitely add the full 2 pounds since last time I added only one pound and then added a second pound when I reheated the leftovers.

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Skillet Roasted Chicken Thighs and Stuffing

You will notice the pictures are from two different occasions. The first time, I followed the original recipe but wasn’t completely happy with it. I wanted more vegetables and an easier chicken experience…carving chickens are “meh” but eating chicken thighs are easy. So, I added more vegetables (yummy carrots!) and switched to thighs. I also used my Dutch oven to give myself a little more room for those vegetables. That part mattered less, but I do recommend adding what tastes good to you.


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One-Pot Brownies

These are not related to the substance that is legal in my state, along with Colorado. It is also not related to One Direction, although I served these brownies to some of their fans. They are tasty, and they are able to be adapted to your favorite flavors. For instance, I have added a bit of instant coffee in the first step. I also like to add mint chips and give it an Andes kind of flavor. These are super easy and fast, ranking them up with my favorite brownies. I like my fudgy ones a bit better because they are taller, but if I am in the mood for a really gooey brownie that is fast, these are the right ones.


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One Pot Tomatoes and Pasta

I’d seen pictures and links to this one pot dish for a while. I changed it up a bit to use ingredients we had. The fresh tomato is because it is the time of year when we can get some nice fresh tomatoes. I even added a bit more at the end, just to barely soften. You can omit the fresh and it will still be good.


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