Breakfast Ramen Noodles

I saw one of those speedy food videos that prepped a version of this which intrigued me. You know the videos I am talking about, right? They rapidly mix everything together to make it look really fast and easy and people go nuts sharing them all over social media. Who knows, maybe they will get some more people making stuff they wouldn’t have made before? Just don’t worry if your cooking takes a bit longer and if you’re like me and prefer reading a recipe instead of viewing a Snapchat-style video. But what do I know? I still prefer books over movies, haha.


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Tips-y Tuesdays: Another Idea for Short Ribs

Let’s say you’ve made my short rib recipe and are looking for something else to do with it. You know about having it as a taco salad. You have tried it just with rice or other dishes, but you were intrigued by the idea that I talked about having it with noodles. Well, I went and did it!


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Sesame Noodles with Chicken

I am coming at you from the past with this. This is a recipe from the summer. It was really convenient to eat when we had our kitchen being worked on and I needed something I could eat straight from the fridge. September can still be a warm month, so you might still be in the mood for some cool food. K said he would have liked it warm, but he is not a big fan of cold food in general. He still ate it, though. 🙂 I will say that the sesame flavor goes away a bit in leftover form, so you might need to add a bit more sesame oil if you are eating it a few days later.


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Ants Climbing Trees or Ground Meat and Noodles

I know, I know…strange title, right? I did not come up with it, but I thought it was funny. Supposedly the pieces of meat are meant to represent ants on a tree. I can’t quite see it, but I don’t really want to since it tastes good.


Still not seeing any ants. But maybe my meat pieces are just too big. I am more of a meatball kind of girl, after all.


The ingredients are typical Chinese flavors and there is some room for flexibility. For instance, you can use whatever noodles you like, as well as leave out the mirin or rice wine vinegar if you don’t have  one or the other.

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Udon Soup with Shiitake Mushrooms and Beef

Here is a great comfort food dish for my husband K. It is soup, it is hot, it has mushrooms, and it is Asian! He was interested when I talked about my ideas for it. It was inspired by a recipe I pulled from the magazine Shape. I jazzed it up a bunch, including adding meat, although we decided that you don’t need meat for this. The mushrooms take care of that meaty flavor for you. I had never bought udon noodles before, and after realizing I had to look up online how long you are supposed to cook them (the package lacked English directions), I got to taste them. They are saltier than I expected, so keep that in mind when preparing your soup. On purpose, I added water instead of more broth to keep the salt level in check.



We served the soup with some Asian veggies. You could stir spinach into this, or have the vegetable on the side like we did. This dish does not have any complicated ingredients. The only items we do not always have on hand are the udon noodles and cilantro. The beef was a splurge. You could just as easily make this more like a ramen by adding a poached egg. I also want to try replacing the cup of water with the “broth” you get from re-hydrating the mushrooms. It is supposed to have a lot of flavor, and I think would enhance this dish even more.


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We had a different Labor Day weekend than we’ve had before. I’m used to spending it with my family but people were going to be a bit scattered and it’s an expensive time for flying back, so we decided to stay in Seattle this year. The first day was some food shopping followed by a trip on a friend’s boat. Sunday was spent mostly at the PAX convention. This was clearly for K, although I was a fan of getting to dance to the Dance Central 3 game early. For dinner that night, I wanted something that was not a dish to try during the week, but was light enough since we would be eating some junk food at the convention. I’ve never had this German dish but it didn’t stop me from wanting to try it. I was a little nervous about the process of making the noodles because I don’t have a specific tool for it, but it was fun!

If you’re like me and have never had this before, then the best way I can describe the texture is almost like dumplings, as in the chicken and dumplings. They have a bit of a chew to them, and then are soft. The taste is close to pasta because of the flour and eggs. They are fluffy and you can certainly add more seasoning to kick them up a bit.

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Fast Thai Chicken

Let’s hear it for a quick dinner recipe that doesn’t require marinating the meat ahead of time!  My husband and I often make stir-fries using his mom’s recipes for quick weeknight meals.  They are great, but sometimes we pull the chicken out of the freezer and forget to marinate it in the morning for it to be ready for dinner.

Luckily, I came across a recipe in Soup Addict’s blog.  It solves the problem of not having time to marinade something, but still wanting something tasty and worthy of rice or noodles.

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