Pie Crust for a Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

I wanted something chocolatey in the house after making tons of non-chocolate scones and having run out of brownies. After browsing my bookmarks, I found what I was looking for–a chocolate chip cookie pie. I had to start by making a pie crust, so I used this recipe from Faux Martha.

This was only my second pie crust ever, so I tried to follow the recipe faithfully. This recipe makes two crusts. Don’t be like me–I didn’t know what to do with the other one and waited too long so I had to toss the second one. I found out later that you should pretend like you’re making the second crust into a pie (press it into a pan then freeze it so it will be ready when you need it).

The recipe was pretty easy and I liked the end result. The filling was also tasty! I think next time I might prebake the crust slightly (maybe 5 minutes) and then fill it. It seemed like the bottom could have been a little more crisp/browned.

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