Simple Blueberry Muffins

These are supposedly fail-proof, easy, etc. I would say that they are on par with an average muffin recipe. Nothing too crazy, no weird ingredients (such as yogurt) that you might not have on hand. Just make sure you have some blueberries. This recipe was easier than other versions I have made before because it did not have something like yogurt to worry about, and it also did not have a streusel topping. I found this from Kim’s Kitchen (really inspirational blogger) and decided that it would be interesting to try. My dad was getting muffins for this month’s treat, and these sounded more like a basic breakfast muffin instead of a super sweet dessert. They are not as unhealthy as some muffins, but they are also not health food.

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Lemon Curd Donuts

I have a big thanks to Nicole at Baking Bites for coming up with such yummy recipes! I had picked up some Meyer lemons when my husband noticed they were on sale. I had heard of them before, but never used them. I am so glad I finally did! The weather is beautiful in Seattle right now, and I wanted something lemony to echo the sunshine.

UW Cherry Blossoms

For these “donuts”, you bake the batter so they are kind of like muffins, but super fluffy. Almost like a lemon poundcake. I liked that she has plain and lemon varieties to choose from. I went full on lemon today, with lemon donuts that are filled with her lemon curd.

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These muffins!


These muffins caused me such trouble and I am not even sure why.

They’re simple enough . . .

Get your materials and recipe ready . . .

Mix yogurt and egg together along with almond extract/OJ


Mix flour/sugar/etc. with the wet ingredients before adding in toppings…


Cranberries in one kind, jam in the other . . . wait a second . . .


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