Moroccan Meatball Soup

If you’ve been trying to be healthy for the new year, this could be a good recipe for you. It was satisfying but full of vegetables and not full of the foods we should eat in moderation. With a bit of couscous and meatballs, along with some tasty seasoning, this dish is easy and yet so tasty! We all liked it and it is perfect for a cold day or even a warm day since it doesn’t need the oven.

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Moroccan Roasted Chicken

I couldn’t believe how easy this recipe was. The list of ingredients seems a bit long looking back at it now, but really it’s not. The only thing I had to buy was the green onion (I needed some more). The recipe was supposed to use hazelnuts, but my grocery store was completely out of them (and still is–ugh!!!). I love pistachios, and I felt they could go well with this. Now, I wouldn’t make it any other way! The rose water is an ingredient you might not have. You might want to do without it, and I get that…but if you’re at all curious, I suggest you try it. I’ve been on the fence, but this dish made me glad I had it. I could taste it, but not in a yucky way (haha). I could see how it added flavor and made it taste like I was somewhere fancier than my own kitchen.


Besides the pistachios, I also loved the sauce that gradually formed as the chicken baked. It was amazing!! Definitely make sure you have some rice to soak it up. And pan-roasted asparagus on the side? Yeah, I loved this meal.


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Slow Cooker Moroccan Style Chicken and Vegetables with Quinoa Risotto

I have been making a version of this dish for a few years now. It makes a bunch of food, so as a single girl I had lots of leftovers. Now, it does not extend quite so far, but you can easily add more meat to make up for all of the sides in this. Because, oh yes, this is a one-dish wonder. You could leave off the quinoa risotto entirely, or use couscous, OR you could go nuts and add some starchy food into the slow cooker, like potatoes. I think sweet potatoes would go really nicely in it.


Originally, this dish was modified from a Good Housekeeping issue (September 2007), but my husband decided recently that he is not a big fan of butternut squash (the main star of the dish before). So, I opted to turn it into a carrot dish. There is a bit more liquid, so you could either use less chicken broth or use a butternut squash (about 1.5 pounds) instead of the carrots.

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