Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 22 Months Old!

This is the last post where I use months to refer to the Fudgelet. Can you believe it? The next post he will be 24 months old, or better known as 2 years old! At that point, I stop using months. I know some people still do them, but let’s be honest…asking people to understand “22 months” is enough math for most. Especially for fellow moms that are tired from 22 month olds running around and not sleeping well, haha!


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Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 20 Months Old!

There were some cool changes between 16 and 18 months, but I think the Fudgelet has been really progressing the last two months. He is starting to become more of his own person. I like to look at him and try to figure out what he will look like when he is older. His facial expressions and emotions are quite varied, and definitely make you think he is in the teenager stage of toddlerhood. Or at least the pre-teen stage. Not only is he more aware of everything around him, he remembers things fairly well (like which room has the fun Legos), and is able to express himself so much more.


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Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 18 Months Old!

This officially marks the Fudgelet being closer to two years old than one year. He is over a year and a half now. Wow. Last month I started telling strangers he was “about one and a half” just to keep things easy. Sometimes you feel silly saying “17 months” even though I am technically okay with the whole months thing until they turn 2. Then I think it should just be 2, 2.5, 3, etc. As of this point, he has been on 6 plane rides, slept through the night exactly zero times, been called cute an uncountable number of times, speaks a few words in two different languages (Cantonese and English), and has had a vast array of different foods (although all on the softer side since he still is missing most of his chompers).



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Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 16 Months!

Sweet 16? Maybe. The Fudgelet is sweet, but definitely has his tricky moments, too. But let’s start with the obvious….he is still a cutie.


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Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 14 Months!

I have decided to scale back the Fudgelet posts….for at least now, they will be every other month instead of each month. Eventually I plan on doing fewer as he gets older. There are still so many new things he does at this age, and I have family and friends who like to see these. If you find them boring, at least you know what this is by the title each time. 😉 But then again, by the time he is older, I might be sharing other Fudgelet posts. Like times he cooks with me, or crafts we do. Not sure, but I plan on growing my blog with him. Hopefully you will join us for the ride!


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Topic-Changing Thursdays: First and Second Months

The Fudgelet is about to turn three months old, which means you need a recap of his last two months! No pictures from the second month yet…I am doing this post in advance, so he hasn’t quite hit two months. I am still thinking about ideas for it! He has changed so much since we first met him. I mean, there’s the obvious weight gains, and all of that, but he gives us smiles, responds to our voices, and seems to be aware of what’s going on around him a bit more.



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