Tips-y Tuesdays: Celebrating Pi Day with Crack Pie

I’ve made crack pie before and it turned out fine, but I decided to make it again in honor of one of the math world’s most famous holidays…Pi Day. If so desired, you could make this for today…or make it just because. Although, if you haven’t started it yet, you are a bit behind since it should freeze for at least 3 hours, and then has to defrost. It’s a bit of a diva pie.

img_5692 img_5695

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Chocolate Cake with Pudding (aka Brooklyn Blackout Cake)

There was a rough patch for me with stress a little while ago. Basically, I didn’t pass the first glucose test (pregnancy thing), and I needed to take the long one. It caught me off guard that I would need to do this and I was really worried about having gestational diabetes. During the next few days, I did a lot of research into it and found out it wasn’t as bad as I initially thought, but it still had some not pleasant effects (like increasing your risk for Type II diabetes later in life). Initially I had planned on making this cake because we were celebrating one year in our house. When I found out I might not be able to eat the cake, I held off. The same day as our house anniversary, I found out the good news that I passed every section of the test with no problem. Yay! Such a relief. After my happy tears were shed, I immediately got up and made this cake.


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Tips-y Tuesdays: Quick Snacks for Guests

We recently had a visit from K’s family. His parents and brother came to visit. Since they’d never visited us while we’ve been married I was very nervous! I wasn’t sure what to expect from the visit, especially because they had been here before and already done most of the sight-seeing. It’s always a little weird having house guests, especially with ones you are close. You want to keep them happy, but they also want to be easy guests. This means that you might ask what food they want while here, but they say “whatever you want”. Eek! I need strict guidelines. Tell me you want squid, and I will give you squid. If you want chocolate, well, you know I have a lot of that. 😉


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Milk Bar Chocolate-Chocolate Cookies

It appears that I like chocolate cookies. I have made several versions on this blog, but apparently never the Milk Bar version. So, it was about time. This is another fairly simple recipe from the cookbook, and if you have read the book at all you would know that is a rarity. You can make the batter in a short time, then bake the cookies whenever you like later. It’s great to make then be ready with fresh cookies. These involve a bit more effort than some cookie recipes, but they are my favorite of the bunch. Like brownie cookies. With Oreo-tasting bits in them. And a nice bit of salt. You really should make these.


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Strawberries and Cream Buttermilk Bundt Cake

After coming across a bundt cake recipe that strongly resembled a pound cake, I wanted to try it. I haven’t had much luck with dense rich cakes like this, but…this one was perfect. It turned out the way I hoped. Perfectly sweet and pretty.



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Variations on Oat Cookies and Spicy Spaghetti with Hazelnuts

Often, I will make a recipe and then think about what else I could do with it. Sometimes I already change recipes, but sometimes I hold out and make it as is first, then mix it up later. Most of these iterations I try to mention in my posts on here (partly so I remember weeks/months/years later), but sometimes I wait and make the variations later. Take the two recipes in the title. I made those recipes weeks before making them again recently. The oat cookies only appear recent because I saved recipes up from before we moved so that I would still have posts here (we definitely ate out a bit during the move and transition, and then there was a visit back home). When we came back from our brief vacation, I ended up wanting to make something simple, so the cookie dough had a couple twists (but nothing to warrant a new post). Then we were having a guest over for dinner (first time in the new place!) and I wanted to jazz up the meal I had planned (the spicy spaghetti). After making both, I was so pleased with them that I wanted to share them with you. Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I did!





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Crack Pie

On Wednesday, I shared a pretty simple dessert, made possible because I wanted to make this pie. Instead of making 2 Crack Pies, I decided to make half of the crust into the cheesecake bites. You can feel free to double this recipe and make two pies (you can keep one frozen for a while). Or, you can do what I did. A few of the pictures below should look familiar because the crust is the same as the bites.


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