Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate Pieces (Mint Chocolate Chip) with Bonus Ice Cream Sandwich Idea

Is it okay for me to share another half-recipe with you? And an ice cream one when it is cool weather season? I hope so, because that is what you are getting today.

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Nutty/Mint Cookies and Cream Bars

Hey, you! If you read the title and decided these weren’t for you, hold on just a minute. Or maybe longer if you need longer to read this. First, you can make these bars without mint. It’s a small amount and you don’t need to substitute anything in for it…just don’t use it. For the “nutty” part, you can use different nuts. I used walnuts, and you could maaaaaybe even do without the nuts. Just make sure you use extra Oreo cookies. I actually think the nuts make it a bit more unusual because they add a nice texture and salty/creamy vibe (since nuts have oil in them). And if you looked and realized you need to chop them, here is another reason to not shy away: use a food processor. I did the cookies and walnuts in it, and it was fast, easy, and made the Fudgelet laugh (I make funny faces for him when I use the food processor so that the loud noise is amusing rather than scary). As far as the coffee goes, you really don’t taste it much. I say “much” just because it is there a bit. Maybe you could just use water? Or add a bit of cocoa powder instead of instant coffee to the water? Could be fun to try.


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One-Pot Brownies

These are not related to the substance that is legal in my state, along with Colorado. It is also not related to One Direction, although I served these brownies to some of their fans. They are tasty, and they are able to be adapted to your favorite flavors. For instance, I have added a bit of instant coffee in the first step. I also like to add mint chips and give it an Andes kind of flavor. These are super easy and fast, ranking them up with my favorite brownies. I like my fudgy ones a bit better because they are taller, but if I am in the mood for a really gooey brownie that is fast, these are the right ones.


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Chocolate Mint Dreams

For my birthday, I never know what I will get. I mean, I have some wish list items, but then my family and friends always throw in gifts they hope I will like or don’t have. I don’t think of myself as hard to shop for, but apparently they think I have lots of cookbooks and cooking tools making it hard to know what I don’t have. My brother picked out this cookbook, but I still don’t know exactly what led him to pick it. Luckily, he knows me well and picked a great cookbook. It has lots of good pictures and yummy sounding recipes. I hope to make another recipe from it very soon.



This recipe is like a brownie in cookie form. I added in mint chocolate which makes the cookies nice and refreshing, while being very soft and gooey. They are not impressive-looking, but perfect for your family. I had lots of fun eating one with peanut butter ice cream. You can eat them however you like.

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Thai Style Stir-fried Beef and Peppers

For Christmas I asked for food magazine subscriptions, and my family obliged. Sometimes I use the recipe as it states, but often I use it for inspiration. There was a recipe for something similar to this in the Food Network magazine, but it included ingredients we either did not have, or do not like (I’m looking at you, fish oil!). So, I took the idea of doing beef with peppers (and some basil and mint), and ran with it. This recipe was really good. And, like some other recipes I like, it does not require marinating the beef! Yay!



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Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Peppermint

Celebrations require happy sweet desserts, and this is a perfect winter celebration treat. One of my favorite activities before returning home after visiting the family is planning what food we will eat, particularly what dessert I want to make. I forget when it started, but at some point I stopped buying desserts and just started making almost all of the ones we eat. Occasionally K wants a certain ice cream or maybe we are out at a nice bakery and pick up a few treats. In general, though, we have gotten used to homemade treats. I think he is okay with it, and I like it. It does mean that I am a BAR (Baking Aisle Regular) which makes me a bit cranky around the holidays. All of the “tourists” come to the aisle and hog prime locations near chocolate chips or confectioner’s sugar. Then, they refuse to budge or make room so that I can pick up one of my basic pantry needs. Ugh! Well, unless your pantry needs some stocking, you should be able to make these without buying anything fancy. The peppermint is super refreshing and perfect for winter, but you can also opt to leave it out. As in, leave out the chocolate entirely, or even just use regular chocolate.



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Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate Stracciatella

It has actually been hot again in Seattle. We have used our room air conditioner for better sleep, and have been eating more ice cream for cooler evenings. As a result, we went from having large amounts of homemade ice cream to just a serving left. Emergency measures had to be taken! So, I woke up early so that I could make the base before work. Partially to save time, but also to have a stronger “mint” flavor,  I decided to leave out the egg yolks, which made the process pretty speedy. To top it off, I had leftover mint from an Indian dish over the weekend, so I did not even need to purchase any ingredients. Score!

You can even enjoy it with cake!

I know some people are not mint and chocolate fans (I’m talking about you, Dad!). You can leave out the chocolate or do some other variation. My husband really doesn’t like mix-ins, but he’s ok with this one because the chocolate melts easily in his mouth, and I love having different textures mixed into my ice creams. Chocolate chips, brownies, or heck, you could even throw in peppermint patties! Whatever you like. I stuck with dark chocolate because it makes me think of Andes bars.

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