S’Mores Cupcakes (best yet)

When I made these, Fall had just started. I wanted to make a new dessert since we had just finished the last one. As I was flipping through, I remembered liking the spice cupcakes I had made from this Food Network pamphlet, and decided to try a different recipe from it. I saw Chocolate Marshmallow cupcakes and was excited. Then, I changed some of the ingredients a bit, added graham crackers to turn them into proper s’mores and was very happy with the result. These turned out much better than my previous attempts at recipes like this.

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Rainbow Meringue Cookies

My last post was a rainbow recipe as well, so hopefully you are enjoying a touch of sunshine during this darker time of year. I have made meringue cookies before. This time I followed a different recipe but I still prefer my normal one. The technique behind these is what I want to share today.


Just like the rainbow cheesecake, I had a couple reasons to make these cookies. First, it looked fun. Second, the Fudgelet enjoyed watching me make them. And finally, they were perfect to cheer up a friend who loves meringue cookies. I was very happy I made them!

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Meringue and Ice Cream Cake

If you’ve been visiting this week, then you would know what was coming today! The topping for the ice cream cake! But, as with the other recipes, you can just use this meringue to go with any other recipe you want. You could make a lemon meringue pie, make a different ice cream cake, use it to top a regular cake, make a tart…lots of possibilities! The recipe is straight out of the Bi-Rite Creamery cookbook. In case you are worried about using lots of egg whites for this (something than turned me off before from making certain recipes), I can tell you that it pairs perfectly with most ice cream recipes, which is the main reason I wanted to make this over a different frosting. Meringue needs 4 egg whites, and the buttermilk ice cream I paired it with (much like other ice creams I make) uses 4 egg yolks. Yay! Meringue also works really well for ice cream cakes because it stays fluffy and soft in the freezer. This particular meringue is not too sweet like some, so it is almost like a whipped cream topping, but healthier. Before you make the meringue, though, you will want to assemble the cake, so I will provide those directions first.



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