Rainbow Meringue Cookies

My last post was a rainbow recipe as well, so hopefully you are enjoying a touch of sunshine during this darker time of year. I have made meringue cookies before. This time I followed a different recipe but I still prefer my normal one. The technique behind these is what I want to share today.


Just like the rainbow cheesecake, I had a couple reasons to make these cookies. First, it looked fun. Second, the Fudgelet enjoyed watching me make them. And finally, they were perfect to cheer up a friend who loves meringue cookies. I was very happy I made them!

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Stay Up All Night Cookies

One of my all-time favorite cookies from my all-time favorite Mom. My mom would make these, mostly around Christmas, and she got the recipe from her grandmother who helped raise her. One of the few recipes I have been passed down since my mom wasn’t the best at writing down most of her recipes (boo). Thankfully I have these to help remember baking with her in the kitchen.


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